Interview Date: 25 Feb 2020
Last to go, around 5.10 pm
Board: Manoj Soni sir
Home State: Maharashtra
Hobby: Watching Movies


  1. You daf is happening, why u didn’t join capf?
  2. what are u doing now
  3. what is the role of icls officer
  4. where was your training
  5. How to boost economy,steps by government.

Member 1

  1. Civil service rules
  2. Protection for civil servants
  3. Disciplinary action against civil servants, provisions, acts for same
  4. Penalties for civil servants
  5. Which movies u watch( hobby)
  6. Parasite, learnings
  7. Why Bollywood movies don’t win oscar.

Member 2

  1. j n k sp,2 inspectors with you and 15 civilian staff.2000 people crowd waiting to lynch you all. 2 options a) wait for help, follow rules B) tie one local to jeep and go through the crowd

Member 3

  1. public life index( didn’t know)
  2. parameters to count standard of living
  3. Melania trump dress designer for yesterday s event( no idea)
  4. what type of dress and colors, uniqueness
  5. which old western movies u saw

Member 4

  1. Which Marathi movies went to oscar
  2. Why they didn’t win oscar
  3. 3 problems of Maharashtra
  4. If u are the chief secretary, how u will solve it, targets for them and whether you will achieve it, surety to achieve, etc.

Source: Forum IAS