Date of Interview: 31/08/21
Board: Sujata Mehta Mam
Background: Mechanical Engineering
Optional: Geology
Hobbies: Watching Movies, Reality TV Shows, Singing, and Anchoring.


  1. Tell Introduction with your Education and Work Experience
  2. You have been Preparing for 4 Years,
  3. What kept you Motivated?
  4. What is Sustainable Mining? Is it Possible? Stakeholders Involved?
  5. Give any Example.
  6. What are Reality TV Shows?
  7. Do you think they are Real?
  8. Did you learn anything from them?

Member 1

  1. Do You Think Bundelkhand should be made a State? (DAF Related)
  2. But is it Viable Economically?

Member 2

  1. There is a perception that TV is an Idiot Box? Do you agree?
    Do People Learn anything from them?
  2. What is Financial Literacy?
  3. Should we invest in Mutual Funds, despite Risks? How do you think we should promote Financial Literacy?
  4. Should Schools be used to aware children about it?

Member 3

  1. How will you use Mechanical Engineering Knowledge to solve Water Stress in Northeast District?
  2. How will you use Mass Media in promoting any Development Work/Scheme?

Member 4

  1. What is Sustainable Development?
  2. What are SDGs?How many are there?
  3. Take Anyone SDG and tell how Mechanical Engineering Knowledge would help to pursue it?
  4. What is I.R.4.0?
  5. What is I.O.T.?


  1. Want us to talk about anything else? (I told Movies)
  2. What Movies Do You Watch?
  3. There is a Perception that Movies Promote Violent Culture, What do you think?
  4. Do Movies show Reality?
  5. Do you support Censorship? And How much is it relevant?

Source: Forum IAS