Board: Sujata Mehta ma’am
Optional: PSIR
Home State:  Madhya Pradesh
Background: Electronics and Communication Engineering,
Hobbies: Indoor (Kitchen) gardening, Watching Vlogs on Innovative Agriculture.


  1. Is this your photo
  2. Introduce yourself with academics and job experience if any.
  3. have you got placement after graduation {told yes}
  4. We are having such a large number of engineer in india but why we are unable to provide good jobs?
  5. What our colleges are lacking? Your personal opinion?
  6. We have AICTE, why still unable to provide skills and training.
  7. Do you think that only creation of HECI will solve the problem of jobs and skilling.
  8. Where are you living right now?
  9. Pre covid and post-Covid challenges faced by your village
  10. Administration response, how much time they took, visits of higher authorities (discussion here).
  11. ASHA workers are getting a very minuscule salary,
  12. Is there any ASHA worker in your village.?

Member 1

  1. a long question on chinese model of foreign relation {BRI}, Largely accepted by other countries, why so? { discussion here}
  2. Indias interference in neighbours affairs, what should be the policy.
  3. name changing of places, is it good or bad, like Allahabad to prayagraj, your opinion.
  4. long question on encounters, is it a good policy considering time taken by judiciary to deliver judgements, your opinion.

Member 2

  1. should we follow the aggresive policy like china in maritime domain {told hambantota port is grabbed by china in earlier answer to M1}
  2. difference bt blogs and vlogs

Member 3

  1. Asked on hobby indoor gardening
  2. what are you growing
  3. whether using fertilizers or organic
  4. benefits associated with growing your own fruits and vegetables.
  5. shortage of fruits and vegetables in urban areas, how Kitchen Gardening can be used as a model to tackle shortage.
  6. how it is different from conventional growing in farms.
  7. what can be done with day to day kitchen waste.
  8. question on act east and its impact on North East.

Member 4 

  1. Questions on hobby, watching Vlogs Innovative Agriculture
  2. what is precision agriculture
  3. use of your engineering {ECE}in precision agriculture
  4. how AI has used { discussion here}
  5. concept of farm to fork
  6. Around 40% food wastage, Why so and how it can be tackled?
  7. our share of global Agri export is only 2% why so?
  8. what is average landholding in India?
  9. we have small and marginal farmers and innovative agriculture is costly, how we can promote innovation in agriculture for them?


  1. Again ma’am, area in which you are comfortable and prepared {told PSIR😊 expecting questions on hot topic Afghanistan}, maam told we already asked on PSIR,
    Thank you, your interview is over, Best of luck.

One advice
Maam was strict about mask, future candidates should make sure that it is properly placed before entering the interview room, otherwise maam will interfare in between answers, it hampers concentration and flow of your answers. no face shield.
Best of Luck to all.

Source: Forum IAS