Board: Dr. Manoj Soni
Optional: Maths
Home State: Maharashtra
Hobbies: Bodybuilding, Cycling


  1. What inspired you to follow bodybuilding?
  2. Tell me about Anna Hazare
  3. Then questions on has bureaucracy failed in Maharashtra ? should we promote more people like Anna Hazare to do work? or bureaucracy should be reformed ?-Followed discussion on it

Member 1

  1. Explain about Sugarcane cultivation and problems in Maharashtra
  2. Explain about PMFBY and issues
  3. Gst and its issues has it been successful?

Member 2

  1. Rose valley and Sharda act –(i said I am not able to recall )
  2. If your DM of an earthquake-prone region and there is an earthquake, what would you do?
  3. Judicial activism and issues

Member 3

  1. Brief intro about Bhima-Koregaon and then asekd botcentercentre and the state are fighting
  2. Over its investigation What should be done?

Member 4

  1. Explain Dpsp and literally, she asked me to name a few
  2. Then same about Fundamental duties
  3. If your Dm of a village on which areas you would work, if you have 1 crore budget?
  4. Your interview is over Thank you.

Source: Forum IAS