Interview Date: 28th Feb, morning session
Board: Manoj Soni
Optional: Philosophy
Background: Mechanical Engineering
Home State: Jharkhand
Already in service: CSE 2018 _135_IPS


  1. Hello Alok, so are you in training or leave?
  2. So, are you not satisfied with IPS?
  3. Career progression, dynamism, groundwork, scope, are bookish terms, tell me something that is real?
  4. And power and prestige? That isnt the case ?
  5. You know that ias has greater prestige and power, so why dont you accept that?
  6. You are saying to your interview board that you have not experienced it ?Are you sure?
  7. You are already an IPS. You must have read about power differences. Why cant you accept it that ias is more powerful and prestigious?
  8. A person should learn from his mistakes as well as from mistakes of others. Do you agree?
  9. Some more questions related to police.

Member 1

  1. What is the difference between gi and patent?
  2. So the concept is same or different?
  3. How is it different?
  4. Why wages of women are less compared to men in a district. Does equal pay for equal work not apply to this? Have you seen a wage list?
  5. What would you do to empower women and ensure they get the same wage?
  6. Why philosophy after Mechanical engineering?
  7. Who is J Krishnamurthy?
  8. Do you know Gandhi’s favourite bhajan?

Member 2

  1. Asked about 3 unheard names of philosophers. What have you read in philosophy?
  2. These are all part of the syllabus? Anything else.
  3. What are three threats to the security of India? Arrange them in order.
  4. Why Lwe exists there in Jharkhand?
  5. What is an aspirational district programme? What is the benefit? What does govt do?
  6. Is police corrupt?
  7. Have you ever gone to a police station to file a complaint?
  8. What is people perception of police?
  9. How will you improve as sp?
  10. What is community policing? How is it effective?

Member 3

  1. What is moral dilemma?
  2. Explain it with an example .
  3. Don’t you think when you leave ips for ias you face such a dilemma ?
  4. Justify your action of leaving IPS for iaIAS.
  5. Which cadre did you get? Which choice it was?
  6. Why Gujarat?
  7. What did your seniors say?
  8. But you want to become an IAS? So why think of commiserate system. How is it better? Will, it solves the issue of the tussle of power?
  9. Any negatives about Gujarat cadre?
  10. Tell me at least one. Kept on insisting
  11. Is our patent regime good?

Member 4

  1. What is provisional patenting?
  2. Are provisional applications allowed?
  3. Is there a legal provision to that?
  4. What sort of applications did you work on?
  5. Your hobby is watching ted-ed. What was the latest video you watched?
  6. Questions on the video 3-4 questions on vaccination of smallpox(video)

Chairman Thank you. Your interview is over.

Source: Telegram