Board: Mr. Manoj Soni
Background: Electrical and electronics engineering
Optional: Anthropology
Home State: Telangana
Sports: Kabaddi
Extra activities: Conducted blood
Hobbies: listening and singing Telugu folk songs


  1. What is the most interesting thing happened in your life recently.
  2. What has driven you to take up blood donation camps?
  3. why do u like to listen to folk songs? Is it for entertainment or as a source to know about the folk culture
  4. Have u heard of Pathalgadi movement?
  5. What is the reason that suddenly led to the movement?

Member 1

  1. . What do u know about harappan civilisation?
  2. Any other important site belonging to this civilization and it’s uniqueness?
  3. There is lot of talk on crimes against women.. What will be your priority if have given authority… She means to ask whether it is ur first priority or so and why??
  4. U r SDM and wife of DM complained to you of dowry harassment and domestic violence.. What will u do, keeping in mind ur reputation, ACR report is with DM…

Member 2

  1. What is uday and how far it is effective in achieving its targets??
  2. What is one important reform in power sector to tackle discom crisis
  3. Why are some states like Gujarat have least AT and C losses, but states like TN has high losses

Member 3

  1. Any other contemporary civilization of Harappa in Mexico ?
  2. What is the language they used?
  3. In shopping malls and so, lot of data like phone numbers are collected?? What are the legal provisions for data protection
  4. What should be done for data privacy and security

Member 4

  1. What is the status of India in international kabaddi
  2. Why is the criteria for kabaddi to become part of Olympics
  3. Difference between judicial activism and overreach….
  4. Examples of both..
  5. There is lot of talk on aspirational districts… How many and which districts from your state are nominated..
  6. What outcomes are witnessed in aspirational district

Source: Telegram