Board: Manoj Soni
Optional: sociology
Hobbies: mentoring in civil services, watching movies especially thrillers, having
Home State: Kerala


  1. Why is Kerala called God’s own country?
  2. What were u doing till now
  3. ur a teacher,so tell me what advice would u give students
  4. 5 social problems faced by the world
  5. Biggest social problem faced by India
  6. Counter questions on that

Member 1

  1. Ur a mechanical engineer tell me what do u know about Tesla
  2. What sports do u play
  3. Tell me the skills needed for a cricket player
  4. Do u think cricket is a game of chance or skill?
  5. Do u think there is no element of chance in that?
  6. Have u heard of games called flush, poker?
  7. Which is the latest movie u watched
  8. What award did parasite won?
  9. What’s the specialty that u felt that it won the Oscars

Member 2

  1. Have u heard of Bharatiya vidhya Bhavan?
  2. Who was it’s founder
  3. What is the contributions of km munshi?
  4. Do u think the phones we have is a threat to privacy and should be done away with?
  5. Do u think there are issues in orphanages in Kerala?
  6. There has been incidents of child trafficking to Kerala .what do u have to say about it ?

Member 3

  1. What is afspa?
  2. Where all it is primarily enforced?
  3. Do u think there is a military excess taking place in Northeast?
  4. Suppose ur a DM of Andaman Nicobar islands and there is virus spreading among the centinlaeese.
  5. but the government policy is not to go and government is not responding. they are dying and ur on
  6. the ground zero with the cure .what will u do?
  7. So what do u think about the human shield being used in Kashmir to save lives .it was the same thing there as well?

Member 4

  1. Tell me what are the ethics of a teacher?
  2. Don’t u think ur imposing ur philosophy when u tell the students to never back down from their dreams?
  3. So what do u think about the Hyderabad incident and there u saw nirbhaya case where one guy was left scot-free .what do u think we should do.?
  4. They are using the loopholes in the law and delaying justice .still u think we should allow them?
    Chairman: Thank you
    Your interview is over

Source: Forum IAS