Optional– Medical science
Hobbies-Cooking, Playing virtual games, Watching MMA (UFC).
Extra-curricular-Business quiz, debates, general quiz.

Board- Chattar singh

Entered with a smile, luckily female member was looking at me, wished her then chairman and then all individually ? 


CM-have a seat
CM-is this you ( yes sir)
CM-are you from ——- (yes sir born and brought up)
CM- so cooking is your hobby –u liked it or was it a compulsion ( sir compulsion, as I was in Amritsar during my college).
CM-but in Amritsar u don’t need to cook, u can have ample there ( Sir, I used to get sick repeatedly, so no choice)
CM-So tell me have u cooked for family ( yes sir), when ( sir my mom got sick)
CM-no have u ever said mom rest, I will cook for u ( Yes sir I did)
CM-what did u cooked ( sir Punjabi Kadhi)
CM-mushkil dish chunni aapne ( all laughed)
CM- so kya glati ho sakta hain while making it ( hmmm sir clumping can be formed or besan may get deposit so we have to stir it repeatedly to maintain that liquid consistency )
CM-no wo phatt (sour)sakti hain ( me yes sir )
CM- go and ask ur mom, tum abhi kacche (amateur) cook ho ( yes sir humbly admitting it )
CM- so why we have male celebrity chefs ( couldn’t convince him I was stuck at patriarchy, as for women cooking is considered integral,then said on a lighter note most of cooking is watched by females, so good looking chefs gain early popularity –all laughed )
CM- have u followed any female chef ( Yes sir Tarla mam)
CM- she can cook also I thought she can only write
CM- so which subject u liked (Sir medicine)
CM- causes of fever ( explained)
CM- whats pyrexia of unknown origin (explained)
CM- do we need investigations , can u diagnose without investigation ( I started narrating ways)
CM- no can you diagnose ( No sir I do need basic parameters )

Member 1

M1- so business quiz ( yes sir)
M1- net assets value ( got anxious – got wrong )
M1- sensex ( explained )
M1 –scrpits at BSE ( sir don’t know about no , explained a little_)
M1- is NIFTy from BSE ( no sir its from NSE)
M1- can we do away with drug brands (struck on identification , could have explained better on role of chemists even if doctors prescribe generic )

Member 2

M2- does we import or export drugs ( explained about API -80% imports, trade deficit with china)
M2- changes you would recommend in govt hospitals( Management, patient counseling )
M2- how IT can help in medical field ( Told about MRI angiography in an kidney failure patient, tele operation –cholecystectomy )
M2- arundhatti bhattacharya, saina nehwal, kiran mazumdar shaw ( explained about all, hade faint idea about shaw company so just said biotech)
M2- what’s name of her company ( after 2 seconds Mam Biocon –M1 M2 nodded synchronously )
M2- so u debated – debate on inequality ( asked for few seconds, scribbled on paper-M3 peeped, ready to go, I asked do I need to stand up- no reply, I got up – CM – No no Please sit down )

I don’t know what I said mentioned caste, religion region ( green revolution with some mechanism to counter them even constitutional articles)

M2- u spoke against, now spoke for ( I spoke again against)
M2- no speak For ( sorry mam I would like to take a firm position as against , as I consider everybody equal , then realized could have spoken for too )

Member 3

M3- asked that same officer son and servant son race, it was too long but I knew what to answer
M3-Difference Between drug and Medicine( explained how medicine has therapeutic palliative effect)
M3-Is diabetes a disease ( explained how lifestyle effects )
M3- but people say it cane be cured ( Sir at early stage, later insulin receptors gets desensitized )
M3-do u think Yoga, ayurveda Can help curing disease ( Sir they can surely augment the healing process, as yoga calms decreases stress hormones level ( cortisol ) which leads to insulin resisitance
M3- whats this UFC ( explained )
M3-UFO ( explained, also told about UFO satellite transmission company relaying movie directly into theaters )

Member 4

M4- ask about city problem ( explained traffic congestion, inability to expand)
M4- whats smart city ( explained)
M4- can it help ur city ( explained transit system, sewage)
M4- health insurance ( missed Premium part, answered myself when he asked about ur Bike insurance)
M4- you were house captain what were your functions ( explained-organizing games, how we had 8 houses, notice board, a day in a week we have to prepare for morning assembly)
M4- your failing point ( sir due to board exams prep, I was too lazy to visit junior wing so used to send my vice-captain)

Thank you your interview is over,

Source: Forum IAS