Posting my interview transcript.
Medium: Hindi( was waiting ki english me kuch to puche par pure interview kuch nahi pucha. )
Board: shri chatar singh ji. Forenoon


why is @$# famous for
Me: Garment industry and export of that product in international markets
Ch: but why your city, not others in india
Me: sir might be due to moisture factor……
Ch: mind what u r saying( meri jaan atak gayi ki hua kand ab. Gussa gaya chairman). Ludhiyana and other have no moisture.
Me: sorry sir. I am not aware of those promoting factors in that city where I am working nowadays
Ch: ok. So u lived here and there……Now I am going to ask from your graduation.(7 saal ho gaye the graduation ko,wo bhi electrical se btech. Line ,ground ,neutral me difference bhi bhul gaya tha mai )
…..So chairman said that what should I ask. Theory or applied.
Me: sir I like electrical machines……
Ch: transformer is a machine or not
Me: yes. It is
Ch: working of transformer
Me: step up and step down the voltage..
Ch: what’s the need of these all. Why not to transfer voltage at a high current
Me: sir current losses are very high of high current is there.
Ch: ok. But I am very rich person and I can afford losses. Now what……Any technical barrier for transmitting power at a high current.
Me: took a pause…..And suddenly said that sir the size of conductor would be very large if current will be very high…Chairman nodded and said yes that is the reason and asked other mem to ask

Member 1

M 1: you are from bundelkhand. What is the major problem of bundelkhand .
Me: sir it is a agrarian economy but due to monsoon failure and rains in winter , from past 3 years agriculture is not a matter of profit anyMore and fue to that migration and suicide is becoming a common phenomenon there.
M1 : do u have any solution for it.
Me: yes sir.
Everyone got surprised…. I said that govt is also trying to do the same…….Like reducing the cost to farmers. Fasal bima and all that stuff.
M1: but what about the livelihood stocks. Aren’t they helpful.
Me: yes sir they are. But due to lack of fodder and water animal are dying and causing a burden on farmers.

Member 2

M 2 : job profile se mostly pucha. Thoda bataya, thoda nahi to khud kaha ki jyada time nHi hua hai to itna deep nahi pata hoga.
I smiled and was feeling relaxed…☺☺☺ Income tax ka mujhe abc bhi nahi pata tha.
M2 : so why demand of bundelkhand. Is it the solution for all backwardness?
Me: sir development is the main agenda and also no public pressure for demand of bundelkhand. So that in near future is no big demand, and also MP is saying that it doesn’t support the demand of bundelkhand. So on near future bundelkhand might not be a separate state.
M2: but why bundelkhand is so backward. And what are the areas in bundelkhand.
Me: I explained that mp part is now developing and up has also started giving power supply and ……..
M2: interrupts and said that ki do u have any plan to develop bundelkhand.
Me: yes sir. ( They might be thinking ki har cheej ka solution hai mahashay ke pas)
Sir tourism is a big opportunity for bundelkhand. As jhansi is well located In heart of bundelkhand and connectivity is nice , so we can promote tourism in jhansi and nearby areas

Member 3

M3: jhansi fort is good but any new change there.
Me: yes sir. Now gardens are well maintained and light and sound show also takes place there.
M3: why people go khajuraho but not jhansi.
Me: sir tour operator don’t take much interest in jhansi……
M3: kyon ……Unki koi dushmani hai kya jhansi se…..
Me: hehe. Sir aisa nahi hai but their schedule is tight and also they don’t fi d suitable place to live in jhansi as no good hotels are there.

Member 4

M4: what are your service preferences.
M4: do u think u are suitable for ips or ias.
Me: sir for both. As I am flexible to the problems which come to me and I am ready to learn the training for any service. No prejudice in my mind for any service.
M4 was not convinced at this reply.
M4: if my son wants to join army, can you motivate him and how will you.
Me : yes sir. First he must think that his choice is very nice and you stand with your son. So that he might feel good. And then he must do whatever is required in order to qualify for army entrance, but he must enjoy that process as that enjoying the process factor is key to success.

Overall it was a very nice experience. Chairman ne end me koi question nahi pucha so dar lag raha hai…..Rest I think that it will help some other aspirants as guys like me , who dont have guidance of other mentors and coaching and learn through this forum. So you all also post your experience and help each other. All the best to everyone.

Source: Forum IAS