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Hello board was Mr. Saxena….hobby ~playing cricket, watching movies
Currently working in cbec board as central excise Inspector..interview date 30 march…I am posting the full script
Very late as I was busy with my training..please review it


china is influencing our neighbours..then how can we counter china
Me~ sir, India is having very peaceloving nation the same time we have helped our neighbours when they were in crisis..we can also show them the assertiveness and aggresive image of china..and also we can show them that whatever china is doing for them, it is for its own self interest and in the long term they will suffer.
Chairman: with which nations we are having good relations
Me~sir, nepal,bhutan,bangladesh…interrupted
C : but bhutan is dependent on us..its only about hydroelectricity project….ok any other nations
Me~ sir, latin countries, usa,russia,african countries
C : but while going closer to usa, russia is moving away from india..what is ur view..
Me ~ sir, as a soverign independent country, India is having every right to form countries with other nations..its not that we have to make relations with russia only..and as a responsible nation russia will also understand sir relations with both country can go at the same time
C : what is media trial
Me ~ sir, some times media alleges someone and it presents the picture in such a way that the person is proven guilty without the judgement of the judiciary
C : how media is performing in democracy
Me: sir, as the fourth piller of democracy ,media should enrich democracy…however media is not highlighting important issues of the society
C : withing 6 months can u tell me how media has not touched important issues
Me : sir, for example recently elections have happened and media has been mainly involved in covering rallies and speeches of the people..however media could have covered important issues
C: according to you what are important issues
Me : sir, for examples unemployment, drought, erratic rainfall,weather our farmers are suffering
C: do you follow current affairs
Me: yes sir
C: what is happening in maldieves
Me : sir, I dont have deep idea about this topic but if you permit then I may go ahead
C: yes
Me : sir, current president of maldieves is stiffling the voices if the opposition..and previous president has been imprisoned..interrupted by chairman~ what what you said
Me ~ sir, imprisoned..previous president was imprisoned by the judgement of the judiciary..recently 2 days back no confidence motion was passed against the present president but army officials intervened and they dragged the opposition members out of the parliament..and the previous government has appealed to india to help
C: what is the name of previous president
Me : sir, I dont remember exactly but I think his name is nasseb
C: no his name is nasheed..
Me : yes sir, thank you
C: do you remember any other important presonalty name..who is the main opposition face currently
Me : sir, I dont know

He passed on to the lady member..her voice was very low and I was hardly able to understand things in better way

Member 1

M1: what is united nation peacekeeping force
Me : took pause for 5 sec..then started with sir…said sry againd fumbled and then said mam every nation contribute some forces to united nation which is deployed in some troubled areas
M1 : can u name those troubled areas
Me : mam, I am not sure but some of the african countries
M1: I tell you a story..osama bin laden was hiding in a bunker and us took actions..what are your views….her voice was very dim so I wrote that question as I understood
Me : mai, I think that usa has taken some really bad steps and in order to find one person they have destroyed whole afghanistan

She passed on to next member

Member 2

M2 : two days back there was a protest from your department officials..what was it regarding
Me : sir, officials of cbec board are having concern that after coming GST their promotional aspects will get the same time some officials dont want to give up uniform
M2 : recently four gst bills have been passed in lock sabha..what is next
Me : sir, these bills have to be passed in rajya the same time state legislatures have to pass state gst laws..interrupted..
M2 : what if these laws are not passed in rajya sabha
Me : but sir, states have already given the consensus..again interrupted
M2 : no no but if these bills are not passed then
Me : sir, I dont know

He passed on to next nember..he asked me some 3 4 questions regarding biology or some terms related to environment which I had never came across..I dont even remember his questions so I said that I dont the meantime one member said that he has not read this..then he asked who gave survival of the fitteset theory…
Me : sir, may I take some 10 sec

Member 3

M3 : yes
Me : sry sir I cannot recall
M3 : I tell you the answer, its charles darwin
Me : thank you sir
He passed on to last member

Member 4

M4 : rahul first of all relax..ur daf is really nice..u have been in jhansi ( my hometown) then u went to assam( my college was in silchar assam) and now you are in karnataka ( working in mysore).. tell me how you found mysore
Me : sir, mysore is one of the loveliest city I have ever seen..very clean and at the same time people are also very friendly
M4 : why mysore is so clean
Me : sir, people of the mysore keep their surroundings clean and at the same time mysore municipal corporation is doing a good job..sir I think people can make a good difference
M4: accha thatswhy jhansi is dirty
Me : no sir
M4 : oohh..ur jhansi is ur hometown thatswhy…some 2 3 members started laughing
Me : sir, jhansi is also clean but not as clean as mysore
M4 : people of the north keep their body clean but dont clean their surrounding..
Me : I did not give any reaction
M4 : what is benifits of the movies in the filmy industry
Me : sir, are you asking about benifits to the filmy industry or to the people
M4 : no no benifits to the people
Me : sir, some movies give a really good movies and some actor and actress becomes role model for people..and it becomes a inspiration for them..sir may I take some 5 10 seconds so that I can answer
M4 : no no you have covered it..good good

He passed on to chairman

any more questions..everyone refused and he said ur interview is over…I wished them and left the room

My interview went on very light mode and hardly anyone grilled me or cross questioned me…overall after leaving the room I was not having any negative feeling but I was shocked as very few questions were from my daf and questions were also relatively easy..very confused how I please give me some review.

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