Interview Date: 21/04/2017
Background: Graduation Geography(Hons.), Masters (Geo)
Optional: Philosophy
2nd Interview
Board: Arvind Saxena


1. What is GIS…
2. Database of GIS….
3. there are zoo in India , do you not think catching Someone in cage is not bad?
4. Sagarmala project.
5. Do you know last mile connectivity.
6. In India it is very frequent to train derailed and in other hand you are making bullet train …do you not think it is irrational?

Member 1

1. Do you support liquor ban in Bihar ?
2. Historical example of liquor ban in India
3. What is Soft Power ? Which soft power of India very useful now days.

Member 3

1. Do you Know about RTI ?
2. Constitutional arrangement on which RTI is based ?
3. What do you mean by public order ?

Member 4

1. Can you tell me why Buddhism known as revolt against Brahmnism.
2. Tell me some names of western philosophers?
3. Tell me about Spinoza contribution.

Member 5

1 . Have you ever been there in South INDIA?
2.Tell me something about Bhakti movement in south India.
3. Is there only Bhakti which can bring you to the God ?
4. Do you hear about Sabarimala controversy ?
5. Tell me some other place in MH where women are allowed in sanctum sanctorum by SC.
6. Do you think in specially Sabarimala Temple Women should be allowed?

Source: Forum IAS