Optional: Hindi literature
Medium Hindi
Hobby: fiction and cricket
Board: Ajit bhosle sir

At the start Chairman told me We are going to assess your personalty in coming 15 to 20 mins, are you ready for that.Make yourself comfortable.


1 asked on my name which is related to a direction.
Asked me to draw 8 directions on paper
Significance of my name 2 or 3 counter questions
2 Do you know what shashi tharoor said in his recent book about British raj.
Do you think history should be reviewed.
Should the assessment put by shashi tharoor be made a part of indian text books

Member 1

1 Have you heard about domestic violence act.
Then came a long situation based question .
2 Asking what will you do if your maid is being continuously beaten by his husband.
If he left her where will she go.
Some questions on slum dwellers.

Member 2

1 what is rule of law.
2 What ia criminal justice system
3 Distinct features of North Eastern states
4 How many states are there ,sikkim is a part or not
5 How to do tribal development
6 How to integrate northeast people with rest of the country.

Member 3

1 Tell me about provisions for social justice in indian constitution
2 What is NDRF(a question from nowhere)
What’s the strength.
3 When army is doing most of the relief work why should we have NDRF, shouldnt we scrap it.

Member 4

1 Why political science is called science(my grad. Subject)
Is it also an art subject.
2 What do you think of efforts to hindi being made National language
Is it right.
3 How can we make hindi and other language popular in the country
4 What is tri language formula.
5 There was some mishap in an ordenance factory in Your native place,how to handle such incidents tell me the measures you will take.

You are made ADM in a very corrupt district what will be your plan of action to curb corruption.
Can you use social media here how will it curb the corruption.

Thank you your interview is over!

Board was quite cordial cm sir was constantly nodding on my answers.overall a good experience.

Source: Telegram