Interview date: 20 March Afternoon
Interview board: Chhatar Singh
Background: ECE, BTECH
Employment and work-ex 1.5 Year in Intellectual Property Research as Research Analyst.
Currently Working in Income Tax Department as an Inspector
Domicile: Haryana
Hobbies: Jogging Watching serials


What is keeping you engaged these Days?
Sir I am working in IT Department, my work is keeping me busy.
CM: where are you posted?
CM: What is oldest form of Communication?
Said many things but did not say language
CM: No, No Hint: We are still using it
Sir letters with big smile
CM: no, no, What we are doing right now, isn’t it oldest form of communication
Yes sir
CM: okay I can understand you are an engineer you look everything from technological perspective okay tell me apart from technical skills what values u learned from engineering.
Sir most important was empathy
CM: What is empathy, other values?
Said discipline. Team work, leadership but interrupted by CM no other values like empathy, then I was blank for some time. Then CM: How u developed empathy
CM: How are we able to talk on phones without interference from each other?
Explained TDMA, FDMA, Switching but chairmen wanted to hear cells are separated so continuously gave me hints. Explained other technological stuff
CM: No, repeated same question, gave Hint what is cell phone
I again got blank could not remember said sorry sir I don’t know and it was very hot in his room I was sweating and using my handkerchief.
CM: said don’t be nervous cool down, I said sir it is very hot today with big smile, then gave hint Cellular for cellphone
Finally I explained
CM: How u developed watching serials as a hobby,
Said: to improve communication skill.
CM: You don’t watch Hindi serials, are they not good
No sir, they are equally good.

Member 1

M1 diff between jogging and walking
M1: What is race walking?
M1: If I am running in a way that one foot is always at the ground then it will be walking or running
M1: Why we are not taxing agriculture (grilled for few minutes) Still why a trader have to pay taxes not a farmer even if he is earning crores
After explaining some time that poor farmer, crop failure, 85% are marginal , 17% GDP etc etc when M1 asked same why not tax the rest 15%, I said sorry sir I don’t know the another reason.

Member 2

M2: Who regulates electronic media?
Sorry mam I am not able to remember
M2: Who regulate telecommunication?
Mam, Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of India
M2: TRAI also regulates Media
Okay, mam
M2: You worked in IP field, what are IP rights?
They are the legal rights given to an individual or association or companies for property of their intellect (creation of mind which is unique)
M2: What are the international bodies which are related to IP rights?
M2: How WTO is related to Intellectual property
TRIPS, these provisions provide conditions related to IP in trade
M2: What was the body before WTO
M2: Name some subsidies
MSP, Fertilizer, PDS
M2: Are they reaching beneficiaries?
Mam Due to leakage, corruption, Fake beneficiaries they are not reaching intended group.
M2: Should we stop then, because there is more wastage of money
Mam we are a socialistic country, for welfare of poor and weaker section we have to provide subsidies. Instead of stopping them we can use technology to reduce leakages (was about to give JAM ex but she asked another question)
M2: What subsidy govt asked to give up?
Mam LPG subsidy
M2: Name of 3 PUBLIC and 3 Private sector Banks
SBI, UBI, Bank of Baroda, HDFC, ICICIC, AXIS

Member 3

M3: Don’t u think watching serials is more of a time pass rather to be called a hobby. Usually housewives does that.
M3: Does it help you in some way or it’s just a time pass?
Sir I am from a rural background I started watching serials to improve my communication skills. I helps me to release my stress and anxiety, get my mind off the things. It makes me happy and efficient.
M3: you are an athlete, you won gold medals at university level are you still participating in sports events?
No sir
M3: We have performed very poor in Olympics, why is so
M3: What can be done to improve?
Apart from basic things said promote local sports ex athletics in noth east, Martial arts in Kerala, Maharashtra, Promote role models etc
M3: How can you use your ECE knowledge in making Income Tax Department Better?
Explained few things and recent initiatives but was interrupted by M3 :No tell me new solutions we are already using these things
I explained use of big data and coordination with Banking, Indirect Taxation, and investigation agencies
M3: What were your responsibilities AS THE head of Security Committee of your college?
M3: What technological and other initiatives you took or was it the same old affair in your tenure?
Sir, we were already using technological platform but other initiative I took was related to providing equal representation of girls in security committee and it really helped us in better management of situation.

Member 4

M4: In oldest form of communication you forget to mention pigeons (smiling). Okay tell me when the telegram was started in India and when we stopped using it.
Sorry sir, I don’t know when it was started but it was closed recently(M4 interrupted and explained)
M4: What u did as a research analyst?
Sir I was a infringement analyst and explained my work responsibilities.

M4: Any important case you worked on
Sir our clients were from USA, Most important case was SAMSUNG, APPLE case, explained the case with patent technology example

M4: What was your biggest achievement in your Intellectual property job?
During my term, we have become number one in the infringement analysis in the world.
M4: How it was your achievement, what you did?
Sir when I joined there was no proper team, I was given the task of training the new recruits along with routine work. I helped in building the team and provided leadership and direction.

M4: You know about smart cities, how ECE will help you in smart city concept
Explained the most of components with examples focused on waste management and clean environment
M4: Suppose there is one criminal, how will you stop that person to enter in a smart city?
Sir first we need to have a database, If he is registered in database we can catch him
M4: Yes we have the database
Yes sir, then we can use his biological signature ex Finger print, IRIS scan, and face detection
M4: You can use CCTV cameras for face detection there is no need to use biometric systems.
Yes sir
M4: How the face detection will be done by CCTV
Sir Image processing using algorithms etc etc
M4: What is Image Processing?
Could not remember the definition but I said sir we process images to convert raw data into meaningful form(M4 interrupted and explained before I could complete my answer)
M4: What is the difference between Innovation, research and Investigation?
M4: What are Start UP and Stand UP INDIA?
M4: Won’t they promote innovation?
Yes Sir
M4: How?
Sir RND and incubation centers etc etc
M4: Government started some policies to promote innovation name some
Hint: They will promote innovation at school college level
Sir IMPRINT India (after answering I realized that he expecting me to answer National IP policy but my interview was over)
M4: to CM, Okay sir
CM thank you your interview is over

Overall good experience, I was very happy at the end, was nervous in starting and was fumbling in some questions.thoda angreji bhi upar neeche ho gyi thi.. But after 2 3 questions interview went smoothly. It took 40 45 minutes in total.

Source: Forum IAS