Interview date: 20th March
Interview board: B. S Bassi
Background: Graduate in Agril. Engg., MBA from MDI
Employment and work-ex: Worked for a shipping company for 13 months
Domicile: Haryana
Hobbies: Jogging, Reading Autobiographies, Fiction & Journal writing


1. What brings you here today?
2. Working with a big brand, why do you want to leave?
3. Don’t you think you are overqualified to become an IAS?
4. Why civil services, what difference will you make?

Member 1

1. What is Brexit? It’s causes? Ramifications for Britain, EU & India?
2. Why is Germany allowing immigration while other countries aren’t?
3. What do you understand by the quote – “Demography is destiny”?
4. Compare the demographies of India & Japan?
5. Enlist major moments in the history of our nation in past 70 years?

Member 2

1. Grilled me on why I am leaving a well paying job to join civil services?
2. Why not join an NGO to serve people?
3. How will you address the problem of impoverished children?
4. Steps taken by govt. to address poverty?
5. How will I use my management skills in public administration?

Member 3

1. What are smart cities? Why so much focus on them?
2. How will you make your district a smart city?
3. How to ensure proper waste disposal?
4. How will you address the problem of land mafia?
5. How to check the growing problem of air pollution?

Member 4

1. What is agriculture’s share in our economy?
2. Proportion of people employed in agriculture?
3. What are govt.’s present debt levels? What it should be ideally?
4. What is fiscal deficit expected for 2017-18? What is target level in long term?
5. What are NPAs?
6. What is the difference between NPA & stressed assets?
7. After how much time stressed assets become NPAs?
8. What is Kaizen?
9. What are present NPA levels for Public sector banks & overall banking sector?
10. Your profile seems very diverse, justify it.
11. Why is so much population is involved in agriculture, still it’s share in economy so low?

Overall: Panel seemed satisfied.
Couldn’t answer only one question – related to Kaizen, it just skipped my mind at that moment.
Rest of the questions I handled fine.
This was my first attempt. So I don’t know what should I expect. But I am satisfied with my effort.
All the best people.

Source: Forum IAS