Board : Chattar Singh Sir

Background : BTech in CSE , Optional : PubAd

Hobby : Reading Books and Cricket


What keeps u busy nowadays

Where is your training

What books u read

Amartya sen has given some imp concept in development economics

So , what is capability approach

Could u give example from India

Name one most imp invention which revolutionized computers

What is transistor

Member 1

What is semiconductor

Difference between knowledge , literacy and education

Why so many people educated , still not employed

What is status of Skilling

Why there is shift from Test matches to T20s ..What would be it’s effect on cricket

Member 2

Tell me history of Jaunpur ( my Home District )

You were in Microsoft..a very reputed firm.. then why did u leave it

Member 3

What is manual scavenging

How many people in India and up in this

Reasons for it

What u will do to eradicate it ?

Tell me some practical points ..

Even after Toilets being built under SBA , this problem continues .. so what should be done

Member 4

Tell me on very famous movie based on cricket .. which went till Oscars

What message it gives other than the Cricketing Part

If our Freedom Fighters would see India today .. would they be happy or Sad ?

Do u think colonial mindset exist , give me some examples


Tell me names of some Nation builders

Other than political leaders , any ?

When was last time we got nobel prize in science

Why no nobel in science for India for long time

What should be done⁠⁠⁠⁠ for this ( Brief Discussion on this )

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