Vinay Mittal Board
Optional– economics
Education– and MA (Eco)
Domicile– Delhi
Hobby: art n craft, jute work, cooking
Service– Indian Economic Service, posted in the Ministry of I&B


1. Why u want to join another service? Won’t you lose seniority? You will have to start again as probationer. (Ans- I want to serve people at grass root level, I want diversity, more opportunities and challenges. My present job is advisery in nature and we rarely get to work on functional posts)
2. What is your work profile ? ( plan coordination and e- samiksha)
3. What is e Samiksha (told)
4. Why did RBI not changed rates in its recent monetary policy review? (Ans- inflation concerns, 4+/- 2% target- But chairman was not satisfied, I don’t know what he wanted to here)
5.What changes you see in Indian economy since independence.(Ans- transformation from highly agrarian to service based econony, population involved in agriculture reduced to below 50%mark for the first time, fastest growing economy etc.)
6.What policy were responsible for such changes?(Ans- economic policy of 1991, liberalisation started during 1980s etc.)

Member 1

1. do you play any game.(no)
2.Your favourite game and player.( told)
3. What physical activity or exercise do you do?(told)
4. Do you think you are fit to join IPS. (Yes, explained in terms of physical fitness and mental fitness)
5. What do know about IPS training. (Told what I hear from those who are already in IPS)
6. Don’t you think there should be separate exam for IPS as it requires really tough people in areas like Chhattisgarh , J&k.(Ans- No, present system of exam is ok, rest of the things can be taken care off during training of the candidates)
7.what is our national bird? Why not Peahen? Is it not gender discrimination? (Ans- Peacock, not gender discrimination, bcz its beauty is distinct)
8. State bird of Delhi? Why is it disappearing?(Ans- house sparrow, disappearing bcz of pollution, environmentaland climate change, some people quote rdiation from mobile towers , apathy of people in providing water and food. Then a counter question- why is then population of crow, pigeon is increasing? My ans- may be because house sparrow are more susceptible to environmental and climate change..)

Member 2

1. How do you see women position in society since independence(Ans- improving in terms of education, working, decision making, confidence, more empowered etc. Etc.)
2. Should flexi hours and work from home be allowed in govt?( Ans- some posts/ places of work cannot have flex hours. However should be allowed wherever possible)
3. What do you know about Khadi? ( Ans-role in swadeshi movement during independace struggle, now focus of Modi govt.)
4. Now a days govt is working like corporate. What’s you view? ( Ans-two aspects- govt. Need money for investment, employment generation. So ministry / departments are expected to become independent and less dependent on budgetary resources. Second aspect – expensive govt. Service/ higher user charges can hurt poor people. .. Wayout- increase user charges/ fee for services availed by affluent classes/ corporates, leaving them cheaper for common poor man.)
5.why many women are not there at the top or at higher positions in working arena? ( Ans-
patriarchal society, women not encouraged to reach higher in position, made to be pacified in lower level jobs only)

Member 3

1. What is audit? Types of audit?( told)
2. Who sets accounting standards in India? Explain some of them. (ICAI, .. I asked few seconds to recall the standards, then M3 said- ok, leave.. you had studied it long back.. half of the answer was wrongly answered by me.. he asked – does ICAI sets AS for govt also? To this I replied in affirmative which is wrong response and that I realised after coming out of interview board… )
3. What is propriety in audit? (Told)
4. What kind of audit does a chartered Accountant do?(told)
5. Why is income tax progressive and indirect tax regressive?( Ans- cannon of equity- as income increases capacity to pay increases, in case of indirect tax, most of the part of income is consumed by poor people on goods and services, so they end up paying more indirect tax )
6. In today’s world of social media, is there any role for Radio? ( Ans- Yes, expanding in smaller cities and towns, also explained- community radio )
7. Doordarshan , once had monopoly. Now it’s facing so much competition. Why? What strategy should be adopted? (Ans- Now competition with more than 800 channels, problems- outdated technology, old studios, transmitter towers, no new content due to paucity of resources etc… Strategy- investment in new tech, transmitters, digital studios, new content, talent and programs)

Member 4

1. Do u remember preamble? Narrate. ( Ans-
my response- sir, if u permit, I will try.. But could not remember properly..he moved on to next question. )
2. What kind of country we are? Are we socialistic ? (Ans- Sovereign, socialist…etc. etc. .. yes we are socialist, believe in social equality of all… )
3.Does our policies moving towards capitalism? Ans- first i said “yes” then said- not actually ( dont know how board will take this change of opinion), more space is given to private sector, while the role of govt. Is not reducing but changing from a direct participant and controller to a facilitator … so we r not moving towards capitalism , rather role of pub and pvt. Sector is undergoing some change.
4.Should we go for disinvestment? (Ans- Yes, loss making should be sold as they are eating precious resources which can be gainfully employed elsewhere, PSUs which can be converted into profit making from loss making through change of management/ policy should be divested, ..)
5.What do know about All India Service?(told)

Source: Telegram