Date of Interview: 6th May, forenoon, first to go.
Board: Manoj Soni
Optional: History
Home State: Rajasthan
Profession: (if any) – Lok Sabha
Hobbies: Cooking, Watching Movies

Your experience in interview- Very cordial board. (more than 35 mins)

Utility of mocks (if any)-  6 Mocks. Getting acquainted with the environment and also some questions were repeated.


  1. Based in Delhi or Jaipur?
  2. Present Work?
  3. Most significant work or assignment you have done?
  4. What difficulties faced by differently abled people in the society?
  5. What govt have done for them? Are we treating them in good way? What have you done for their welfare in your life?
  6. Are you a leader, manager or administrator?

Member 2 

  1. You like cooking? Have you seen Sharma ji ki Namkeen?
  2. How did you develop interest in cooking?
  3. Is cooking a hobby for you or a compulsion?
  4. How cooking can be used in administration?
  5. Have you heard about Piplantri village in Rajasthan? What special?
  6. If made SDM in Rajasthan what would be your focus of work?

Member 3

  1. Russia-Ukriane conflict, Impact on world?
  2. Lemon prices are increasing? Why? Does heat play a role in this?
  3. Govt mechanism to tackle price volatility in vegetables?
  4. How to supply when production is low in country?
  5. Oil prices increasing, impact on economy?
  6. Act governing Police in India? Why such a law was needed then?
  7. Is police administration good in our country? What reforms needed?

Member 4

  1. History should be rewritten? Your views?
  2. What is your view about the history that we study? Is it good? Do we need to revise it?
  3. Five insurgent groups in Northeast India?
  4. What is soft state?

Member 5

  1. Difference between administrator, manager and leader?
  2. Difference between leader and administrator?
  3. Who is more useful – leader or manager?
  4. How to develop the western part of Rajasthan?
  5. Renewable energy potential in Rajasthan?
  6. Power crisis – what govt has done to tackle it?
  7. He kept insisting on one particular step, which I could not answer, so I replied that this is what I am recalling right now.
  8. Republic vs Populist Govt? difference.
  9. Is Taliban a Republic?


  1. You selected in CAPF? Why did you not join?
  2. Interview over. You can go.
  3. (Not remembering some questions)
  4. All the best to candidates.

Source: Forum IAS