Profile– B.Tech (Civil Engineering), PMRDF in Bihar, IRS(C&CE)
Optional– Philosophy
Hobbies/Interests- Writing Letters, To understand development aspects and models of Indian states primarily Bihar

Time duration– Around 30-35 mins


1- Enquiring about my profile and what all have been done till now.

2- Tell me all about Gautam Buddha, His early life, childhood name and his philosophy

3-You have seen this UPSC building. As per the modern civil engineering designing, what changes would you like to have in this building?

4- Tell me about the modern building materials which are being used nowadays?

5- Do you know some construction materials which are found from agriculture?

6- Do you know the difference between expressway and highway? What are the differences as per the designing of these two are concerned?

7- Whom do you write letters? (Hidden question why do you write letters, can be traced through his expression)

8- If you have to compare two states, what indicators would you use?

9- What is HDI?

10- What about Gross Happiness Index? Recent data ? India’s position with respect to Bangladesh, Pakistan?

Member 1

1.Why do you want to know the development model of Bihar? Is it because you have worked there (as your home state is UP)?

2- So what happened to Bihar after its glorious past? What led to its degradation?

3- Tell me about the district where you worked in Bihar.

4- As a PMRDF, what did you do to contribute in the development of your district and Bihar?

5- Recently government has given some powers to tax authorities to provisionally attach property, search and seizure. What is your stand?

6- Should government keep faith in it’s officers? Should officers be given free hand?

Member 2

1. You have been the President of your college.Tell me some incidents during your presidency. Any violence? What did you do?

2- What was your biggest challenge as President?

3- What is your stand whether police should be allowed inside the campus or not?

4- What are the qualities of a Leader?

5- Any incident in your department of good leadership ? How did he manage to do so?

6- What’s your stand on frisking ladies at the airport?

7- Difference between Central Universities and State Universities? Name few central Universities.

Member 3

1. You were part of NSS in your college? Tell me about NSS. What is it’s objective?

2- What had you done as a member in NSS? Do you think NSS has achieved it’s objective? Whatever you have done in it, is it sustainable? NSS as a scheme, a success or not?

3- Could you name few more organizations like NSS?

Member 4

1- Do you know TPP? How many countries in it? What is the issue with it now? What is it’s status at present?

2- You talked about increasing protectionism in the world. Is it fair ? Why it is happening?

3- Any other recent multilevel trade agreement? RCEP? Whether India is a member or not?

4- Very long question, summary is Trade Facilitation Agreement will be implemented by you people only but Customs is responsible for the delay at ports and hence our ease of doing business gets affected. What is your take on this?

Chairman– Theek hai bhai, Thank you!!

Source: Forum IAS