Mechanical Engineer 2nd attempt, First interview
27-April. B.Tech Mechanical engineering, Optional Mechanical engineering.
Hobbies : Cricket, Singing


1. What’s your roll number.
2. How Mechanical engineering can help in administrative services
3. Why IAS is your first preference ? why not IPS
4. Why BCCI was against DRS (cricket being a hobby) , how does “Hot spot” technology works, why no Hot spot technology in India.

Member 1

1. What is the difference between flywheel and governor
2. What is your take on recent H1B visa issues
3. Do Indian IT companies misuse H1B Visa ?
4. How will you deal with Pakistan and China if you are a foreign secretary
5. What is silk road and how its relate to ancient silk route
6. What is gold monetization scheme, Why its failing to enthuse Indians, what is your suggestion to improve this.

Member 2

1. You have decent marks in graduation , why are you not interested in core engineering job , you can do much better in mechanical engineering area than in administrative service

2. Tell me what is BSES standard in emission, is It same for all kind of Vehicles , what are the parameter taken into consideration
3. Even after a huge market for automobile sector ,Why there is less focus on R&D in India .Still we are importing engines from other countries . Your suggestion to enhance the R&D

Member 3

1. What is happiness it differs from HDI ..why India is behind Pakistan , Bangladesh in happiness index , do you think this make sense .
2. RBI monetary policy and its key highlights ..( forgot the exact question asked on this )
3. what are the 5 top issues as per you which India facing currently and your suggestion to deal.
4. How China’s currency depreciation impact Indian rupee, what steps you will take to appreciate rupee agonist $

Member 4

1.difference between ethics and etiquette
2. as an IAS officer what ethics and etiquette you should have you will motivate your subordinates to give their best at work
4. what is value , difference between values and principles.
5. How will you deal with conflicting priorities in your job as an IAS , how will decide the level of priorities.

Overall ~ 30 mins…M4 grilled lot..could not answer few question..and handled few question clumsily..not satisfied overall.

Source: Forum IAS