Interview date: 26th april, 5:25 pm onwards,
Duration: around 40 min
Board: Sujata Mehta
Hobby: teaching
Optional: geography
Job experience- 3.5 years in NTPC Ltd and currently working in central water commission (thru ESE-13)
I was last candidate that day.


1. Is this your photo
2. So u r working in central water commission
3. what is ur role in central water commission
(here chairman asked for tea but I kindly refused by saying thank you)
4.why so much water disputes in india
5. solutions to the river water disputes ( explained recent developments considering the water as state subject ) flood forecast is done
7.Do u use computers for rivers data collection or depend on registers etc.
9. What kind of softwares you use for data collection
10. Are these s/w developed in India ( mainly European s/w are used bt nw a days ISRO and CWC are developing some s/w)
(Sujata mam was writing something on a note whenever I use some key words throughout the interview)

Member 1

1. .What was ur role in NTPC Ltd
2. Compare the merits and demerits of diff modes of electricity generation(coal fired, hydro etc.)
3. Which is more polluting among coal fired and gas fired power plant
4. Why coal is preferred over other fuels
5. Environmental impacts of hydro projects
6. Benefits of hydro power including operational benefits(quick start, good for grid stability)
7. Name some hydro projects in Himalayan regions
8. Do u share flood data with railways
9. How flood forecasting is done
10. Do u issue any bulleting for flood alert and how
11. Diff modes of flood forecasting
12. Structural and non structural measures of flood protection

Member 2

1. Which state u belong to
2. Before formation of ur state which state did u belong to
3. How new state is formed in india (xplained legislative processes )
4. Is it necessary to pass a resolution by parent state govt for state formation
5. Do u think that 3rd party interventions should be allowd in Kashmir issue and if no then why not ( Kashmir is disputed region for Pakistan bt india considers it as integral part of india, also mentioned shimla agrrement)
6. What are diff regions of Kashmir(PoK, aksai china etc,)
7. What is PoK and how it came to existence(explained from independent )
8. Whats going on in Korean peninsula and its background (explained current developments by USA, Korean countries, China, Japan and Russia)

Member 3

1. Tell me something about ur village
2. Highlight tourism aspect of ur region
3. How ur hobby of teaching developed
4. U were monitor of the class throughout ur schoolling so tell me what was the reason behind ur popularity
5. Quality of a leader (to understand the task to perform and strength and weakness of the resources a leader has and accordingly resource utilisation)

Member 4

1. Have u heard of RUSA
2. What are the features of RUSA
3. Do u think that the role of UGC is diminishing due to new agencies coming up in education sector (no, but the education sector is expanding with multidimensions which needs diff agencies so basically the sector is diversifying)
4. How much monitoring of higher education institutions are required
5. At what level the monitoring should be done(central, state, local)
6. What kind of control(curriculum, financial audit )
7. How much autonomy should be given to colleges
(he was in the mood of grilling on the issue of monitoring by centre vs state bt everytime my ans was balanced due to the fact that education is a concurrent subject )

Overall the interview was smooth except little discussion with M-4 but managed to give balanced ans. Chairman was attentive all the time and was supporting my ans. Kept eye contact atleast with the person asking question and Chairman throughout the interview. Said sorry for 1 or 2 questions i was not aware of and also not mentioned here.

Source: Forum IAS