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DOI: 27th March 2017
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Graduation: IT, Ghaziabad
Optional: Pub. Adm.
Hobbies: Movies, Sudoku


Why ghaziabad was in news recently
Ch:Question related to Agricultural problem of up, reasons why still lagging,its fluctuation has national consequences why so ?Population of total
Ch: you said irrigation as the problem ,but it has fertile land, then irrigation shouldn’t be a problem ?
Ch:Explain South China Sea international importance, why everyone is indulging in it even USA ,then India’s stake in it
Ch:Why India is joining or inclined towards regional groups, name a few?

Member 1

Diff b/w Administration and Management?
M1: what are UAV,drones, how they work , its uses in India, especially in Naxals area
M1: River Gomti is drying up?What step gov’t has taken to restore its water flow?
M1: Then question regarding Ganga pollution and steps taken to control it.
M1: do you hear radios?No sir..then explain diff between AM FM(radio related)
M1: Heard about climate change ?Your opinion
M1: Pareis climate deal..then renewable and non renewable energy
M1: their contribution in power generation like wing solar hydro thermal etc
M1: GPS, NAVIC their working , technical details
M1: heard about desert? where is it in India and its name and area…why is it famous and what you can do to generate employment opportunities there ?

Member 2

M2:Juvenile related ..opinion on reducing their age from 18 to 16 ?
M2: What’s their crime rate ? whether their crime is increasing or reducing ?
M2: Whether they should be put with other adult trials or kept in different facility
M2: how www(world wide web) originated and how it got here in INDIA…chalo who was the father of www..itna to bata do..
M2: why we aren’t able to win Oscars ?
M2: Role of women in bollywood cinemas

Member 3

You are DM of Azamgarh district ..steps to control communal tension…
M3: use your IT knowledge to control it especially with ISIS in the picture
M3: Contract farming ?(done biggest blunder.. explained model farming)
M3: Why India wan’t to counter China..Diff between their economic model and ours ..why we are copying their model
M3; USA’s GDP to world or its proportion …arre itna to batao..

Member 4

Population of Orphan children are increasing in UP and in India, why no one adopting them,even foreign nationals are not adopting them, why so?Their no’s and % population in UP
M4: Give Critical review on PRI’s.. are they successful or failed in total?

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