Date: 16/03/2017
Forenoon session
Board: P. K. Joshi Sir
Background: Studied in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya till 10th. Joined Science College Patna
for intermediate. B.Tech in Mining Engineering from ISM Dhanbad
Experience: Working at Coal India Limited (CIL)
Home state: Bihar
Others: Robotics was mentioned in DAF. No question from optional subject Chemistry
and Hobby


 Tell me the contribution of Navodaya Vidyalaya in our school education system
 Why you left Navodaya Vidyalaya and joined Science College Patna?
 What was the annual fee charged while you was in Navodaya Vidyalaya?
 What schemes are run by government specially for primary and secondary
 Do you know there is one specific scheme of government related to girls education
 What is the full form of NCERT?
 You work in coal India limited, what is your job profile?
 Which state of India has wide environmental resources?
 Tell me the flora and Fauna of Sundarban and compare it with those of Madhya
 How mining impacts environment?

Member 1

 What about the natural resources of Andaman and Nicobar?
 What do you know about WPA?
 What percentage of our area of is protected under WPA?
 Do you think EIA is properly implemented in our country?
 What are the classification of Indian forest? Who was Champion?
 What do you know about CAMPA?
 Do you think compensatory afforestation is the solution to the damage caused to the
environment due to deforestation?
 Do you know about any national park in Bihar?
 How is Terai Arc Landscape different from Western Ghat?
 Is there any convention regarding trading of wildlife species?
 Is CITES a convention or NGO?
 What are the reasons of Leopards entering human habitations?

Member 2

 You are in technical job and we need technocrats so why do you want to join IFS?
 As a developing country we require more specialists than generalists like IAS or IFS.
Do you agree?
 Are you aware of the SC verdict regarding the Bauxite ore deposit?
 Do you think we should give priority to the rights of tribals at the cost of
 Is there any legislation regarding the rights of tribals?
 Is it fair that we pursue the environmental protection at the cost of development
where on one hand you see that developed countries have exploited the nature for
their own sake?
 In the west we see that there are people who have written lot about flora and fauna
but in India foresters have contributed less in this regard. Why is this so?
 Are you still interested in Robotics?
 What are the new technologies being implemented in Coal India Limited?
 Why Bihar is not developing at a faster pace. What are the problems?

Member 3

 How do you manage the environmental damages caused due to mining?
 Is there any problem related to tribals rights at the place where you are working?
 How do you manage conflicts arising out of mining activities with local population?
 As a forester how can you contribute to mining with regard to environmental
 What is one proudest moment in your life?

Board was very cordial. No question was asked related to current affairs. Most of the
questions originated from my previous answer. Interview continued for around 30 minutes.

Marks awarded: 189
I am Finally Recommended for IFS-2016

Source: Forum IAS