Board: Saxena Sir
Last candidate, forenoon, lasted over 35 mins
Hobbies: South indian architecture, cricket, cyber game
Grad: chemical + hydrocarbon
Home: Udaipur, Rajasthan


You passed out in 2014 what have you been doing till now?
Me: Sir, I have been preparing for civil services

CP: I see you have a very good profile. Dual degree from IITs , NTSE scholar, good GATE rank then how you developed interest in civil services?
Me: Sir, I was part of administration in my college during 2nd year as class representative and saw some reforms coming out due to continuous effort that generated an interest. However, the real trigger was when in 5th year IIT Roorkee hosted some civil servants and their experiences of working at grass root levels motivated me enough to take it.

CP: I see you have not opted IFS, for what reasons?
Me: Sir, I am only son of my parents so not possible to stay outside country for long.

CP: But you can face similar problems regarding your parents in India if posted in Kerala
Me: Sir, if I am posted outside I will be more worried about them and this will decrease my efficiency. In country i suppose it is more manageable.

CP: OK, so you have personal issues and we respect it, so lets begin with interview

CP: what is present solar status of India and Rajasthan?
Me: Sir, India has 11 GW installed and Rajasthan has 1.2 GW installed. Several solar parks like in phalodi in Jodhpur and Pokhran in Jaisalmer

CP: Tell me what problems solar sector face?
Me: sir, firstly lot of land needed. Secondly, we are not exactly aware of problems it may cause later like how to dispose of solid waste etc.

CP: don’t it face issue of clouds and nights when sunlight not there?
Me: yes sir, this too is a problem

CP: OK tell me, can we have solar power when sunlight not there?
Me: (complete bluff didn’t knew exact solution so wanted to show i knew phenomena).. sir, it works on photoelectic effect if we can make electrons cross threshold from outside sources it is feasible but would it be energy efficient remains the Q.

CP: Tell me what steps we have taken for land issue related to Solar?
Me: sir, roof top solar, net metering and canal top solar.. tried explaining net metering he said i know

CP: What do you understand by surgical strikes?
Me: sir, these are pre-emptive strikes across LOC for sovereignty and security of country

CP: do you think surgical strikes was right move?
Me: yes sir, it is right in national interest and to boost morale of forces and secure sovereignty and territorial integrityand create deterrence

Chairman was in grilling mood. but i felt it was reverse psychology to make me change my stand, so i got firm but soft.

CP: but we have seen even more attacks, what deterrence it created then?
Me: sir, we could have seen more attacks if not for surgical strikes. and this could be also due to fact that Mr.Raheel Shariff was retiring.. (he repeated raheeel shariff.. but he was pressing me hard to take anti strike stand.. and i didn’t wanted to yield)

CP: Do you think ADHAR is good. Does it not creates security issues?
Me: Sir, some encryption issues are there but it has save Rs 50,000 cr in through DBT etc whihc can be used elsewhere like in capital formation in agriculutre

Again grilling.. Wanted to change my stand.

CP: but what about security , can we really do sth about it. Why adopt a system like social card which USA and Europe countries are leaving. Are we not going into pit?
Me: Sir, India has huge talented pool in software we lead in IT and so it can be dealt with.

Member 1

If I switch off my cell and put it on table, can someone still hack it and record this session
Me: (wanted to create impresion that i am honest and this was my opportunity).. sorry sir, i have limited understanding of communications.

M1: Ok tell me, which was last match you saw.
Me: sir pune test match.. (funniest moment of interview.. he made such a face.. and said.. areey yaar woh toh 2 din m khatam ho gya tha.. khair chhodo)

M1: So, tell me what do you like in South Indian Architecture .. my forte so explained nicely.. chola, pallava and hoysala..

M1: ok what do you like in Brihadeshwara temple apart from the granite thing you already told?
Highly convinced… he could not stop his convinced expression after listening the words “raft foundation and interlocking pattern and hollow corbelling”

Member 2

M2: So, can you compare Udaipur temple architecture with south Indian architecture?
Me: Mam, padma bhushan Prof. Madhusudan Dhaky calls udaipur architecture as maru-gurjara. explained some features.. like anekandika shikhara, no jagati, dwarf ghotika pillars and highly carved as if deriving from hoysala architecture.. etc. highly convinced..

M2: and have you heard about Great china wall. tell me its speciality .. (i knew what would be her next Q. so was happy)
Me: Mam it is longest walll in world.

M2: Can you tell me which is 2nd longest wall?
Me: Mam, its of Kumbhalgarh fort near udaipur it was built by Maharana Kumbha

She was impressed by now.

M2: Tell me some water problems of Rajasthan be specific to regions.
Me: Mam in Nagaur region we have fluoride problem , in ganganagar etc arsenic problem (was not sure about arsenic.. but still said) and in general water scarcity everywhere.

Member 3

I can see you studied in Bhupal Nobles school. So tell me what is Bhupal and nobles in this?
Me: Sir, Bhupal was last king of Udaipur who signed accesion treaty with India in 1949

M3: For what disciplines nobel prize awarded
Me: (failed to recall exact) said Sir, it is given for 5 or 6 categories.. told physics, chemistry , peace.. (got blank)

M3: Is it awarded for medicine and economics
Me: yes sir.. awarded to Prof. hargobind khurana and Prof Amartya sen

M3: Tell me some peace prize from India
Me: sir Mother teresa.. and mr. Kailash Satyarthi who works for protection of child

M3: Do you know about environment acts of India.
Me; sir only envt or wildlife as well.

M3: Ok tell me both wildlife and environment acts
Me: sir , wildlife protection act, EPA, 1986.. he interupts

M3: Have you heard of water act
me: yes sir, explained 2 provision

M3: what problems the lake of Udaipur face?
me: encroachment, illega sand mining, no sewage systems.. and 1 more.. cant recall now

M3: what steps you will take to solve it
Me: sir will check encroachments by hotels, check sand mafia and see that layout for swage system as taken under AMRUT project for udaipur goes well

M3: But if you remove hotels it will hurt economy?
Me: Sir, Rajasthan lake protection authority has asked for setting up ‘no construction zones’ as DM my task is to implement rules strictly so will see that no one encroaches it.

Member 4

I was not able to understand his long first Question on something linking solar to heat etc.. and didn’t knew what he was trying to ask. So, blabbered something.. i was tired by now in 30 min.. already 1:20 PM..

M4: 2-3 more Qs I don’t remember
M4: why desertification increasing in Rajasthan? said cropping pattern etc issues

M4: tell me difference between lakes and wetlands
Me: said lakes are kind of wetlands..

M4: tell me what is wetland.. standard definition told.. transitiional zones..
M4: you have heard of Ramsar, is India signatory to it.. yes sir 28 sites etc.
M4: tell me where is Ramsar located?… sir , Iran.. he was happy didn’t expected it seems.

Chairman: Your interview is over.

I said thank you to all specially lady member besides me, somehow i found she, M1 and M3 were impressed. M4 was my worst moment. i was damn tired could not sleep in night by 4 o clock.

Chairman i seem was testing my nerves, and i believe i did it well, though not sure.

Hoping for 165+ ?

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