1)You should do physical exercise.. I also had same physique before joining force…
2)So you do sudarshan kriya…what are its benefits for you…Can you tell me the biological process involved in it…
3)You have good academic record.. Is it due to hard work or brain power…
4)You worked for crowd management… Can you tell me some steps that can be taken to improve it…(DAF)

Member 1

1)You don’t have gender bias,right?
2)Then ask 1 standard puzzle(father and son met with an accident…father dies…son gets injured…surgeon at hospital says that the patient can’t be operated …as he is my son…how is it possible)…
3) other puzzle…(mother and daughter travelling…lady surgeon says she is her mother…how it is possible)
4)You talked about equal brain powers…but biologists have proven that women brain weighs less…so still you think women and men have equal brain capacity
5)Male nursing…how you see it…will U join it…
6)Do U know Gandhiji view on pàrtition
7)What you would have done if U were in mount battens place(don’t remember exact wording)

Member 2

1)Smart cities(definition)(DAF)
2)components of it…asked one by one…smart economy?smart environment?
3)air pollution and steps needed in smart cities…other questions followed(not remembering it)…electric vehicles is it not costly?
4)religion in politics(positives and negatives) and pollution(Ganesh FESTIVAL management in my daf)…
5)what steps will U take to stop people in j&k to stop religious practices causing pollution…

Member 3

1)reasons for foreign invasions in India
2)Swarnamudra were used by invaders t to take backdoor entry…..what is this attitude
3)you like watching tamasha T20…are U not interested in serious form of cricket(watching T20 :interest)
4) you support the players not obeying the coaching manuals?

Member 4

2) changing trend in world against wto based free trade etc
3)3 qualities needed in professional
4)Tell me one incidence in ur life about integrity
5) any state in India whose CULTURE you would like to see etc….
6)any nation in world(don’t tell me politically correct answer…Tell me what you feel)

What will U do today?
Thank you ? Your interview is over!
Don’t know the exact time…may be about 30 minutes.

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