Date– 6th April
Board– Chattar Singh
Background – Mech Engg
State– Maharashtra
Optional – History (Rare and Endangered species ? )


Is this your photo?
-Since your hobby is music, what is the difference between harmonium and piano sound?
-(Shows a metal object) how to manufacture this in different ways? Told 3 methods
-Which method will you use if you want to produce millions of such pieces?
-Any latest methods of manufacturing? Told about laser cutting, water jet cutting but CP was not satisfied.
-Most liked part of mechanical engineering? Thermodynamics
– what all do you learn in Thermodynamics?
– Asked a question on central air conditioning system in upsc building

Member 1

-What is Hooke’s Law? What is proportional limit? What is the constant called? (Young’s modulus of elasticity)
– Which foreign dignitary will visit India in next few days? Sheikh hastina
– Which important issue between India and Bangladesh is pending? Teesta dispute
– What is Teesta river disputes for? Exact percentage of sharing water? Where does Teesta originate?

Member 2

– Long question on demographic dividend. Will we be able to utilise it?
– As an administrator, how would you increase employment?
– Can farmer income be doubled by 2022?
– is loan waivers good for economy?
– (sitar listening as hobby) What are different types of Sitar
– which type of music you like in sitar?
– (Rabindra Sangeet as hobby) which languages did tagore write in ?

Member 3

– Types of machines to move air other than fans? Blowers, compressors, etc
– Asked about gear design and involute
– Which heat transfer takes place without medium? Radiation
– Law governing radiation?
– (learnt German) specialties of German over English language? He got happy when I told articles like a, an, the in German are based on gender
– Why do you like Rabindra Sangeet?
– Any other music famous for its deep meaning lyrics
– Importance of ASEAN and India’s progress in Act East policy
– Importance of South China Sea? Why India is concerned ?

Member 4

– Topic of speech in a competition.?
– So name any 2 leaders in world that satisfy your demands from politicians you mentioned
– 2 electoral reforms you would implement ? Banning convicted criminals and RTI for parties. Lot of cross questioning
– Heard of OBOR? What is it? Why is India concerned ? Should India join it?

Source: Forum IAS