ChairmanMr. Chhatar Singh

  • March 30, 2017, Forenoon session, 3rd to go
  • Optional: Anthropology,
  • Background: Computer Engineering, working for around 4 years as software developer.
  • Interests: Swimming, Table Tennis, Computer gaming.
  • Home Town: Mathura, Uttar Pradesh.


  1.  Do you wear specs (in my photo)? Where are they?
    1. answered :satisfied
  2.  Why should we visit Mathura?
  3. What are the things you would like to change in Mathura?
    1. I said Mass copying, water logging, roads,  misguiding by Tourist guides.
    2. He wanted to hear something else.  he talked about Begging on streets?
  4. What about beggars on the streets ? from here discussion went to Widows of Vrindavan.
    1. answered :satisfied
  5. Who are these widows and why are they living in Vrindavan.
    1. answered :satisfied
  6. Why begging is not present in Kerala, Haryana, and Punjab.
    1. I said prosperity and education. In case of Punjab Sikhism= Not very satisfied
  7. Looking at my job profile, asked me why do I want to join a service where my salary will be half of previous job.
    1. Many cross questions
    2. I said, apart from salary, There are many perks available, so salary is not that low
    3. A lot of cross questioning on perks. He was saying no housing  available in cities like Delhi

Member 1

(soft spoken lady member):
What are the services provided by Post offices?
why are post offices still existing?

Have you ever visited the post office in your village and anywhere else? what did you notice?

  1. What did you notice in the post office you visited in Old Rajinder Nagar?
  2. what is the significance of post office when so many private courier agencies are functioning?
  3. After post office discussion moved on to Delhi
  4. What is special about Delhi?
    1. I said its Heritage city? she asked what else comes to mind (don’t remember exactly)
    2. I talked about infrastructure development
  5. which monuments you have visited in Delhi
    1. India gate, Humayun’s tomb …and got stuck after that, couldn’t recall Qutub Minar, Red fort at that time
  6. She asked about history of Delhi
    1. I started from Indraprastha..but fumbled a little. couldn’t tell in proper order and forgot some names to

Member 2

What is the condition of women in tribal society.?

    1. I tried to give balance answer, and concluded with equal status of women in all the society. Nagas= patriarchal; Garo, Khasi, Jaintia=Matriarchal. Others are generally egalitarian society where women are given equal status.
    2. also said Buddha’s Dhamma was inspired by Tribal egalitarian principles. (cross-questioned on this by M4 later)
  1. So in tribals, women have equal status while in our Modern societies Women doesn’t have equal status. so can we say our civilization is regressive compared to tribals?
    1. Told him Civilisation is in terms of Artefacts and Technological development, so we can’t say our civilization is regressive
  2. But can we say our culture is less progressive compared to tribals?
  3. What is the condition of tribal integration in India? What is government doing ?(some sort of assimilation and integration issue)
  4. What should we do to improve condition of tribals.(can’t remember exactly)
  5. Moved on to Barsana(a town in Mathura), Have you ever visited Barasana
  6. What is it famous about?
    1. I said Birthplace of Radha JI
  7. Who is Radha?
    1. I said Better half of Lord Krishan( inappropriate use of words)
    2. Chairman interrupted: she wasn’t better half of Krishan, she was married to someone else…and everyone laughing at me ?
  8. for what else is Barasana Famous for?
    1. talked about Temple on Aravali ridge
  9. He wanted to hear Latthmar Holi?
  10. He asked what is Latthamar Holi
    1. Fumbled a bit, wasn’t very clear in explanation. Chairman interrupted and changed the topic.
  11. Have you heard about integrated cold chain project?
    1. Sorry, Sir, I am not fully aware..wanted to avoid talking on periphery
  12. Chairman interrupts, haven’t you heard about Cold Storages..explained a little?
  13. Member again asks me what will be the advantage of cold storages
    1. Answered on generic line – perishable goods self-life will be increased, farmers income will increase.
  14. Are you aware How much percentage of perishable goods are wasted in India?
    1. said, not exactly aware about all the vegetables. As much I am aware 1/3rd of Tomatoes perish during transit.
    2. Baton moves to next member
  15. Is India a power deficit country?
  16. Initially told we are not. Wasn’t very sure. Said power consumption has reduced(but actually wanted to say rate of increase in power consumption has reduced): wasn’t a satisfactory answer

Member 3

( sleeping Male, who was looking down)

  1. What is commonwealth ( I was volunteer at CWG games)
  2. Why did we join Commonwealth of nations after Independence?
  3. How is the status of Cyber Security in India
  4. DO we need to improve upon it?
  5. You optional is Anthropology, tell me who was Margret meed?
  6. What was her contribution?

Member 4

(cheerful Lady who seems to be the historian):

  1. She asked me to explain what was I talking about Buddha’s Dhamma code in relation to trials.?
    1. I said, it is said that Buddha got inspiration from the Tribal way of life where egalitarian principles prevail.
  2. Where Have I read this?
    1. In Anthropology: contribution of tribals to Indian society. (she wasn’t aware of this)
  3. Coming back to Mathura. There is a heritage site near Mathura, do you know about it?
    1. I said KanKali Tila. ( it’s actually an archaeological site where Buddhist remains have been found in Mathura )
  4. No, not talking about Kankali Tila but TajMahal, which is very near to Mathura
  5. Why is it world famous?
  6. Why is it among 7 wonders of the world.
  7. What does it signify? most of the architecture marvels were during Shahjahan, what do differ from it?
  8. You mentioned one monument which you have visited in Delhi, from which Design of TajMahal is inspired. can you name it?
    1. Humayun’s Tomb: satisfied
  9. My last question, tell me the three strokes in swimming (swimming my hobby)
    1. Told her 4 strokes: satisfied
  10. Why is freestyle called premier style?

Source: Telegram