Interview Date: 11th Feb 2020
Board: Manoj Soni Sir
Background: B.Tech Biotechnology, Former Software engineer
Home state: Odisha
Hobbies: Gym, Jogging


  1. Tell us briefly about your journey since graduation
  2. Why software engineer after the biotechnology
  3. How agroforestry can help in doubling farmer income
  4. Problems related to agroforestry

Member 1

  1. Ex-situ and in situ conservation
  2. Application of biotechnology in forestry
  3. Features of national parks
  4. Benefits of Mangroves

Member 2

  1. Forest and wildlife resources of Odisha
  2. Olive Ridley turtles
  3. Why an officer of a biotechnology background should be selected instead of a forestry student
  4. How often do you go to the gym(hobby)
  5. Do you go jogging also?

Member 3

  1. Is timber smuggling happening in Odisha?
  2. How timbers are smuggled
  3. What does anglo-Vedic mean(DAV school)?
  4. How would you explain to a layman about the forest resources of Odisha?
  5. Tribal knowledge about forests

Source: Telegram