Contributed by ForumIAS community member
IFS Interview 2019
Duration:  25-30 mins
Board: Manoj Soni
Home State: Tamil Nadu
Hobby: Growing potted plants


  1. Is your native village or town
  2. You didn’t get any placement
  3. Tell me thirukural on forest
  4. Novel wat your reading last

Member 2

  1. Tell me something about the Chola dynasty
  2. Climate change impact in Southern plateau
  3. Govt efforts to tackle climate change
  4. Tamil Nadu efforts to tackle climate change
  5. Role of women in forest management
  6. You have to need to protect wildlife
  7. Step to mitigate drought
  8. Is this the first interview

Member 3

  1. Do you eat grass
  2. Is tiger eat grass
  3. human eat both your tiger not
  4. What is Iran us tension
  5. Role of Saudi
  6. The objective of Namami Ganga project

Member 4

  1. Growing potted plants abt hobby
  2. What pots prefer
  3. How long you do
  4. What plants you take care
  5. As do what you will do
  6. Are plants need affection
  7. what is the flagship species

Source: Forum IAS