Interview date: 27-03-2017
Interview board: Vinay Mittal
Background: IIT (Metallurgical Engineering)
Employment and work-ex (if applicable): IT
Domicile: UP
Optional: Sociology
Hobbies: Playing Cricket, Listening Ghazals


1. You have a long career in IT. What innovative work you have done there?(i have got few awards in various IT companies)
2. You must have seen new UPSC website?Do you like it?
3. What improvements you will make to new upsc website?
4. What qualities you learnt from your work ex which would be applicable to civil services?
5. Civil servants have the perception of being elitist? Why it is so?
6. Why do we need ethics at all?
7. What are your ethical values? How would you use?
8. What are the important sectors where india needs improvement?(I told one as education)
9. What is the issue with our education? How should we improve education system? What reforms you would make to it?
(Chairman took 12-15 minutes asking various questions)

Member 1

1.Which is your favourite ghazal singer?
2. Which is your favourite ghazal?(M1 had very low voice so i thought he was asking me to sing. I said shall i sing? Chairman replied no it is not a singing competition and entire board including me burst into laughter). But M1 asked to recite few lines.
3. What is river bed mining?
4. Some other question related to mining?(I said i dont know to 2 of them).

Member 2

1. What is AFSPA and its future in Manipur after Iron Sharmila?
2. AFSPA related to Kashmir?
3. What is matriarchy?
4. Is matriarchy related to religion?

Member 3

1. Again one question on mining which i said i dont know.
2. What is Indus water treaty?
3. What is the issue?
4. Are we having similar treaty with china?
5. What is prestige?
6. What is power? Some follow up on this
7. Can ganga be cleaned?How can it be done?

Member 4

1. Suppose you are made an IPS officer. How will you reform the system.
2. What is sex ratio?
3. Why sex ratio is poor in india?
4. Why patriarchy is prevalent in India?
5. H1B issue. She said it is good na that brain drain will stop :)

Overall 35 minutes, board was cordial and they never tried to grill me and hence a good feeling after coming out of the interview room. Rest marks will tell.

Source: Telegram