Interview date: 28-03-17
Interview board: Arvind Saxena
Background: IIT (Chemical Engineering)
Employment and work-ex (if applicable): 1 yr work ex in petroleum refinery
Domicile: Jaunpur, UP
Hobbies: Playing Cricket


  1. Why you quit your previous job?
  2. Skill India Mission is not working well. Only 2% of the institutions can provide marketable skills. This hampers Make in India. For Make In India to be successful we need to raise import duties. How do you see such step?
  3. Should corporates be brought under RTI as they are using taxpayer’s money through PSBs? (Suppose “public office” clause is redefined)
  4. Already India is having so much tension with Pakistan. Should we have raised the Baluchistan issue front? Why we raised it?


  1. Why is *** exporting petroleum products when there is already shortage in India?
  2. Yesterday I read an article that crude oil prices will stabilize at $40/barrel? What are the chances?
  3. How do you perceive a world where there is no petroleum products? Will that be good?


  1. What is the significance of sports in India?
  2. Reason for poor performance of India in international sports event?
  3. Lodha committee 3 recommendation?
  4. Reason for contempt of court charges against Anurag Thakur?


  1. Why should India promote sports when there is already so much socio-economic problem in India?
  2. What is the role of Supreme Court?
  3. Why is judiciary telling people how to live, what food to eat, questioning the cultural practices (Jallikatu)?
  4. How you as a lawmaker can ensure that every pillar of democracy work in its domain?


  1. Has Panchayati Raj Institutions failed in india?
  2. Few days back Gram Panchayat burnt a women, so you are saying that it is strengthening grassroot democracy?
  3. What transition do you see in Village Market (Haat) in India? Reason?

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