Interview Board: B S Bassi
Date: 28 march Forenoon
Background: BTech Biotech
Employment: Solar Sector


What are the current prices in solar sector
Do you think they are sustainable?
Are they cheaper than coal based generation
Cooking your hobby or out of necessity?
Tell me some dishes of awadhi cuisine

Member 1

How to keep vegetables green in the process of cooking?
What is biotechnology?
What are GMOs
Name some GMOs
Types of biotechnology
What is LMO

Member 2

You also mentioned spending time with pets
Are you worried about wild life?
Threw some light regarding 50%fall in number of species.
What are the reasons of this fall in population
What can be done to arrest this fall?
What can be done to prevent cruelty against animals?
What were the targets of demonetization?
Were they fulfilled?

Member 3

You make a pitch to convert my home into solar rooftop system.
Chairman also asked question regarding it

Member 4

Asked some biotech industries but i was not aware about them.
Then asked question pertaining to parents IPR compulsory licensing

Tell me what were the reasons of failure of Arab spring
Told some point but then said think about 2-3 minutes and then give a talk of 2 minutes on the topic
Then had some discussion about dictatorship and dictatorial regime

Overall cordial board!
Some fumbling regarding pitching for solar project
Also Arab spring took many aspects

Source: Forum IAS