Date– 29 March- Forenoon
Board– Vinay Mittal
Background– IIT ( Mechanical)
Employment– Manufacturing Consultancy Firm
Hobbies-Teaching, Table Tennis,

Optional– Geography


Why did you choose geography?
Why not make it compulsory to opt for graduation subject in optional?
Why did hockey lost its prominent position? ( played hockey in school as well as college)
Isn’t the sprouting up of sports leagues is leading to commercialization of sports?
Robotics utility for India? ( Captain of Robotics team in college and had won several medals)

Member 1

Use of robotics in anti terrorist operations.
Isn’t there a mismatch between rates of taxation and quality of public service delivery​?
Why did you choose to opt for job which offer lower salary than your previous one? ( Had 2 years of gap between jobs and started working in present firm from last year with lower salary)

Member 2

Labour laws reforms are needed for export promotions? If yes, why and what government has done about it?
What is your opinion about removal of limits for companies funding to political parties?
Gazi attack issue in 1971 war.

Member 3

Linkages between mechanical engineering and geography.
What are INSAT?
Uses of such satellites for India.
Can we track animals, humans with help of these satellites?
Agro climatic zones and there utility.
Why does Punjab and nearby areas don’t follow such cropping patterns and why are such patterns developed? What can be done to improve these?

Member 4

Why were iits formed?
Isn’t large no of iits is hampering iit’s brand value?
What is the use of permanent address in aadhar?

Overall board was very cordial and almost all the questions were asked from the DAF.

Source: Telegram