30th march
Board– Prof P.K Joshi- Afternoon session…First to go
Background– IIT Kanpur- Civil Engg, Already in Service- IRAS
Optional – Public administration.
Hobbies– Playing the Tabla, Dance
State, city- Jaipur, Rajasthan


1. Graduated in 2013. What have you been doing since then?
2. Who is Rajarshi Tandon?
3. How can you use agriculture waste in civil engineering?
4. Questions on geography
• Relationship between land, water, vegetation
• Water quality parameters
• How air quality is monitored?

Member 1

1. What do you think abt HRD policy on IIT?
2. What about the autonomy? Do you think more autonomy should be given?
3. More questions related to problems in IIT- told them about shortage of teachers.
4. How much amount is spent in IITK on teachers’ salaries and on education- tell me proportion- didn’t know. He told 68% on salaries.
5. Government does not have that amount to fill in shortage and if it does the amount spent on education will get reduced? What should be way forward?

Member 2

1. India vs China comparison in construction of infrastructure? Why china is way ahead?
2. String of pearls? Obor, Why india is not joining? Leaving aside Cpec, India can join as china is welcoming India. Still why negative response from India?
3. Does Obor is not just China policy to Increase exports?
4. What India is doing to counter Obor?
5. Chabahar port…Recent India cautioned its companies to go slow? Do you think its right?

Chairman– What are the parameters for setting of railway freight rates for different commodities?

Member 3

1. Question on hobbies…which type of dance? What music accompanies that dance style?
2. When you are indulged in policy making and cabinet disapproves of your policy? What will you do?
3. Tell me about your personality?
4. What are your achievements?

Member 4

1. What is 3d printing? Can we build house using 3d printing?
2. Why not we are constructing houses using 3d printing? Tell pros and cons.
3. What are design parameters for house construction in Antarctica?
4. Traffic and air pollution. What will you do as public administrator?

Source: Telegram