Interview date: 27-03-17, Forenoon session
Interview board: Sh. Vinay Mittal
Background: B-tech, Electrical Engineering,IIT
Employment and work-ex : joined and left IOCL
Domicile: Agra
Hobbies: Astronomy, Cricket.

I was first one to be interviewed. It started around 10am and lasted for 25-30 min.


1. So you have worked in IOCL for some months, Why?
2. Then why you joined it in the first place?
3. Why you want to join civil service?
4. What you want to do for public service. Can you give some example.
5. Can you tell me the district which was changed after good administration
6. What is wireless power transformation, asked me to explain, further cross questions
7. Tell the about the volt/wattage of power lines
8. What is the percentage of losses from transmission to destination, Reason for losses ?
9. Tell me about the percentage of power from different sources
10. Tell me the projection of power demand in India

Member 1

1. Recently in rajasthan money allocated for women is not being used, who is faulty state or district administration?
2. If you are DM of Bastar and you come to know that heavy firing will take place during encounter, will you go with police?
3. Why after so much beauty and heritage, Agra is not able to compete
4. Chairman interrupted and ask what I will do as DM/commissioner?

Member 2

1. There are so many cases of sexual harassment at work, what are government steps ?
2. What is the case from which this legislation started?

Member 3

1. Asked name of some organization related to space similar to NASA & ISRO ?
2. What is NRSC
3. Greatest policy of Akbar the great ?
4. Why fatehpur sikri famous ? chairman asked why it was abandoned ?

Member 4

1. Which book do you recommended me for astronomy?
2. Is there a place for AFSPA in democracy?
3. Chairman again asked, what is AFSPA & related provisions?
4. Which is the case in which conviction done in AFSPA ?
5. What is the problem with AFSPA?
6. Do you read foreign current affairs?
7. Which reforms you propose for civil services?

1. Do aliens exist?
2. Recent event related to it?
3. What were the counter arguments?
4. Stephen hawking on aliens?
5. What Is doing in that field?

Your interview is over

My observation:

Most of the time members were not looking at me and looking in their note book or whatever and only chairman was observing me. Except for 2 cases when chairman nodded in affirmative nobody nodded in yes or no. In the very beginning I had some nicks but after that I was able to middle the ball. Lets see if those shots went to the boundary or not!

Source: Forum IAS