Board: Joshi Sir


– Tell me about your work experience. How was it?
– Tell me about solar policy of India
– How much land does it take to setup 1MW solar plant?
– Where is the largest solar plant in India?

Member 2

– Why people/students don’t take risk? Is it changing? Why? How?
– Compare startup ecosystem from 2012 to 2017
– What new policies government has announced?
– Have you cleared CSE?

Member 3

– You do photography? What Kind? Why not wildlife? What equipment you would need to do wildlife photography?
– Tell me about vegetations of …… tiger reserve.
– Tell me about corridors of ….. tiger reserve.
– What tribes exist in….. tiger reserve
– Why do we need corridors?
– What dishes do you like to cook?
– What species do we get from forest?
– What medicinal plants do we get from forest?
– How can finance industry help in forest conservation
– How can finance industry help SHG of tribals?
– How should CAMPA fund be used?

Member 4

– What is cultural ecology?
– What do you like in Astronomy?
– What is difference between Astronomy and Astrology?
– Do you believe in Astrology?
– Where do we find Very dense forest in Rajasthan? What is total area of very dense forest?
– Tell me about vegetation and fauna of dessert national park
– How do we know that a certain place had forest before?
– Where do we find coal?
– What is species?

Source : Forum IAS