Board: Chhatar Singh sir (03/04/2017)

Profile:- mechanical, 4.3 years Aditya Birla group, currently chief municipal officer M.P.


U r from ****”*, where is it
2. ******** Is famous for ?
3. Tell us the process of cement making and difference between various grades?
4. Equipment of your section , maintenance strategy and suggestions from down the line person u have accepted ? What is kaizen?
5. What ethics you learnt in mechanical that can help you in civil service

Member 1

1. How hydral power is produced ?
2. Different types of turbine
3. Any 5 news of today’s newspaper ?
4. Tell us about tunnel inaugurated in j&k
5. What are shell companies

Member 2

1. What is judiciary activism.
2. Y many engineers are nonemployable
3. What is pok?
4. Dalai lama visiting tawang and Chinese apprehension ?
5. Why China wants tawang and kashmir?

Member 3

1. What is second law of thermodynamics
2. What is hydrogen cell , solar cell
3. What you do except job study and hobby
4. Tell us about chittorgarh fort

Member 4

1. Ipl is tamasha cricket? Do you agree
2. Difference between dhoni and kohli ?
3. Who is a good leader dhoni or kohli ?
4. Minning is banned in uttarakhand . Is it justifiable ?
5. What is scientific temper. Can a non engineer develop scientific temper .
6. Difference in working style of government and private sector ?

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