Interview Date: 03/04/2017, forenoon
Board: PK Joshi
Background: mechanical engineering, IIT Kgp
Hobbies: meditation, hockey, squash, cricket
Rajasthan, home state
Punjab, birthplace


Similarity between west Bengal and Rajasthan?
What is national income?
Is students from IIT, aiims, other institutions preparing a loss to national income?
How mechanical engineering can be used in civil services?
What are conditions necessary for formation cyclones and storms?
Names of cyclones?
On what basis cyclones are named?

Member 1

What is difference between samadhi and meditation?
What is indus water treaty?
Is revisiting the treaty a right move by India?
Use of NGOs?
Should not they be banned?

Member 2

If you are made an advisor of Japanese automobile firm. What things will you advise them regarding their operations in India?

Member 4

What is the difference between terms dhyana, ekagrata, (one more term, i don’t remember)?
In which sport all these are required?
Who was India’s greatest archer?
(Gave hint, Arjun)
Drug abuse in Punjab? What to do? Causes? Solution?

Member 5

Why civil services? Why not career in mechanical engineering?

On expected lines, very cordial panel members. Thank God, i was not grilled in mechanical engineering.

Source: Forum IAS