Chattar Singh
Afternoon session, Third to go
Background– Medico


so where did you do ur internship from
c- sir *****

cm-so tell me some incident during mbbs
c-sir during my posting at ********* Community Health Centre I was incharge of a ward and conducted deliveries. When a girl child was born mothers would just turn there face away when child was shown to them. It was a shocking experience.

cm-you would have known it ! its a common practice !
c-sir as a first hand experience i was shocked

cm-so maternal mortality is an issue, what is the most common cause of mortality
c-sir clinically it is postpartum hemorrhage (blood loss after delivery)

cm-what are its causes, of post partum hemorrhage
c-sir it can be caused by problems of placenta, also anemia of mothers, which in turn is caused due to poor nutrition of mothers

cm-what will you do to reduce maternal mortality?
c-sir increasing awareness so that women attend more anc (antenatal care) clinic, so that their hemoglobin level improves

cm-even before improving awareness?
c-sir increasing institutional deliveries

cm -nodded, asked for any other incident during internship
c-sir i came across a girl who was blinded due to tuberculosis, father was alocoholic and mother also died of tb, so I realised as a doctor I have limitations

cm-the father had tb? how is it related to alocholism
c-sir alcoholism lead to poor diet and less nutrient intake, and this lead to activation of dormant tb bacilli

cm-what about the family, how did they got tb?
c-sir father’s alcoholism would have affected family’s earning and this might have led to poor diet?

cm-but what could have been done?
c-sir the family should have started anti tb treatment and should have completed the course

cm-was it drug resistant tb?
c-sir i could not follow up the patient

Member 1

see you told that as a doctor you have limitations, but as a bureaucrat u have limitations too, so why are you joining
c-sir it will give me a diverse platform to work upon, better job satisfaction

m1-but still you will have limitations, why are you joining?
c-sir its a personal choice

m1-ok, tell me sth about new health policy
c-told few points

m1-any lacunae that you can think of?
c-sir there is not much focus on mental health

m1-tell me something about medical research, problems in india
c-answered on lines of lack of funds, nepotism, lack of translational research

m1-how should indian forces be prepared for a biological attack
c-individual-more awareness, doctors should notify when sudden spurt in cases, stockpile of vaccines, mock drills

m1-given choice which sector you would like to work in?
c-health sector

Member 2

You write blogs on issues of national interest, what topics you have written on
c-told some

m2-so you have written on hdi, which one is better, hdi or gdp
c-hdi, coz it is wider and includes gdp component also

m2-why low hdi in india
c-lack of political will, priorities

m2-hib visa issue, it is said that it will help indian companies and india, how?
c-will go up on value chain, companies shifting back to country

Member 3

your education is wasted, your knowledge of medicine and all your effort will go in vain
c-mam i have learnt a lot more than medicine in my mbbs, i ahve interacted with patients and learnt their problems, during history taking i have developed objective approach, have been a member of students union for three terms which was a responsible job

m3-problem of infanticide, what will you do, what problems it will cause
c-imablance in society, rise in crimes, i will implement laws better and create more awareness

m3-so much poverty, what will you do?
c-will implement schems like skill india, mgnrega better, will personally focus more on education and health so that younger generation comes out of cycle of poverty

Member 4

what is dpsp? diff between dpsp and fundamental rights?

m4-GERD (gastro oesophageal reflux disease) management

cm again-national health policy lacunae (repeated m1 q)
c-answered again

m1 again-pain research

Overall cordial board, no factual question, current affairs-h1b visa issue and national health policy, most interview on medical issues.

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