Interview Board: B S Bassi
Date: 29th March (Geo optional)
Background: B.Tech in CS
Employment: Software Engineer (3 years)


Is this your photo?
What was your work profile? Programming etc.
What is the most interesting work you did in your job? Told some technical projects
What is deep web? Dark web? Explained
For what purpose is it used? Criminal activity, trafficking, smuggling etc.
Should government also use dark web? Yes, Can help in solving various cyber crimes, told some examples
How do you know? Sir, from TV shows of US etc.
you saw it in TV? Which show? Ohh so You know it due to TV only?

Member 1

You have lived in ***,lko,noida,patiala etc.? :O
So what difference did you find b/w hometown and Patiala? And? And b/w people interaction? Couldn’t answer too properly, as never thought on this line EVER!
What will you choose between ‘money without fame’ and ‘fame without money’? Latter, gave those cliche reasoning
Who inspired you most and why? Amartya Sen
His contribution, why did he get noble? Welfare Approach
His 3 most important ideas which you like? GrowthvsDevelopment, Idea of Justice concept (niti vs Nyaya), Democracy in not the end but means to achieve laudable goals.

Member 2

What is volcano ? Where is it formed? Typical std answers
What’s its use? Its harm? Helped in evolution of life (CO2 etc came out at start and life started due to that, helps in resources agricultural deccan trap [forgot to tell that all metallic mineral resources are somehow product of volcanic activity]] Harm : poisonous gases, 1991 pinatubo erruption etc.
Any volcano in India? Barren Island
Was it in news? Recently erupted
What is dormant and active volcano? told
Name one volcano in Japan? Luckily answered! Mount Fuji
Why cyber crime is so hard to catch? Anonymity, no physical presence, easy to fake
Any solutions to make solve this? Normal answer, better training, technology

Member 3

Why do you want to join civil services? High Job diversity, multi-disciplinary role, gave example that to solve drinking water problem one needs to apply concepts of sociology( caste barrier) psychology( attitude problem ) geography ( hydrological cycle, recharge ) etc etc.. Hadn’t prepared in advance.
Why it is called “SERVANT”? As in civil servant ? they are responsible to for implementing govt. Schemes and policy and responsible to political executive who in turn are responsible to public and work as their servant so indirectly everyone working for govt is public servant.
What is government? First I wrongly told about governance ( resource distribution in best way possible)
No no, what is government? Told, political executive, Council of ministers at both level etc
And what else?? Now, I knew, he wanted to hear 3 organs of governent so told about judiciary, legislature and executive
If you become a secretary of Education deptt. What would be your focus area? Teacher absenteeism, focus on outcome and not expenditure/input, better community oversight (power to local govt/PRI over teacher performance etc.)
Why not much recruitment in Cyber Security? Told less salary as compared to private hacker etc so not very lucrative, and govt is normally reluctant about Lateral Entry though these job demands specialist persons.

Member 4

What is anti dumping? Told the standard definition
What is dumping? And why is it bad? Harm to domestic industry; He also asked about CHina’s steel dumping.. Some conversation happened. He wanted to know how dumping is done by china. Other than normal price manipulation, I also said devaluation also plays a role
How would you solve Kashmir civilian disruption? Trust Deficit problem, so people don’t trust governemnt agencies; some conversation happened,.. He asked whther we should continue use of force or not? I said we should definitely protect innocent civilians by using security forces but it won’t provide long-term solution, and that requires comprehensive dialogue and development to win their trust
Talk to separatist leader? Yes, all party meeting was good initiative!
No, they(separatist leaders) are secessionist! Any other way?
What innovative steps would you take to solve this problem? Told some impromptu thought answer;Told to have a comprehensive meeting with local level leaders, PRI leaders etc and then make a list of issues (developmental, security etc.) and then focus on meeting these framework agenda.

Chairman said, thank you. No one last question
Interview was SHORT! (21-22 mins)
Members were cordial and showed positive expression. 

Source: Telegram