Background – Elec, IIT, Workex, Traveling

Board: Bassi Sir


– Have you been to cancun..?! What was this competition about?
– Don’t worry I am not going to ask you anything about greepeace. i know enough about them…
– Where all have you travelled?
– Have you been to Machu Picchu?
– Tell me about Inca civilisation
– You’ve been interested in environmental issues..Tell me what is biodiversity, what is biodiversity hotspots, and where are they in india?

Member 1

– High salary…low salary…why this cut?
– Lot of talk about startup…but they have ben facing issues…what issues?
– What to do to help entrepreneurs?
– Surrogacy…what do you think of it?
– What is NSS? What did you do as NSS Secretary ?


– You talked about commercial surrogacy..whats your opinion on it?

Member 2

– NPA…Why they are there?
– What to do with them?

Member 3

– What is the issue with finance bill?
– What is a money bill?
– Why is opposition saying that this finance bill is not money bill?
– What is the difference between judicial review, judicial activism, judicial overreach? give example of each
– Judicial review is based on what?
– One example where judicial activism has been good?
– What do you think of SC judgement on liquor ban on highway?
– Does constitution provide for reservation based on economic criteria?
– There was a judgement too? Mandal case…what the other name of the case…what was the verdict?

Member 4

– What do you think of reservation?
– Shouldn’t those communities who have benefited from reservation be now removed from the list?
– Why civil service? You could have had a good life abroad?
– Education…Lets talk about it…it is not making people employable..why? what to do?


– Is there a mismatch between what engineering institution are offering and what companies are demanding?
– How to fix this?
– I have a problem yaar…I want a bulb outside my room..I have 3 meter wire…That one socket is there..I am using it for all out and i don’t want to use it for light…now what to do? take you time..have a good look..

Source: Forum IAS