Date of the UPSC Personality Test: March 29 2017
Head of the UPSC Personality Test Board: Chattar Singh Sir
Duration of the interview: about 30 minutes, last candidate in the afternoon session

Background of the candidate:
Home state: Bihar (born in Patna,Brought up and presently living in U.P.)
Education: B.Tech Electrical Engineering,IIT
Optional subject: Electrical Engineering
Hobbies/Interests: Listening Songs Reading Articles
Prizes: Debates ,essay,quiz in school
Attempt at UPSC CSE: Third


1.This is you?(Shows me my photo)
2.From where do you read articles?
3.What are different ways to produce electricity
4.Have you visited any thermal power plant?
5.What happens to electricity after it is generated ?
6.Why do we step up the voltage?
7.Any other reason than efficiency?
8.What will happen to the conductors if we transmit at lower voltages?
9.When did you write essay?
10.When debate?
11.Topic of debate
12.For or Against?
13.Arguements against the topic
14.counter questions
15.Arguements for the topic 

Member 1

1.Justify the proposition “Bihar is the cradle of Human Civilisation”
2.Which transmission line would you use for bringing power from north east to delhi
3.Effect of British Rule on Bihar
4.Crops grown at that time in bihar
5.What happened to indigo
6.effect of that on Fiji and West Indies
7.What is Pravasi Bhartiya Divas
8.Should a PIO support India or his own country?
9.Should a PIO who is a British citizen support England or the best team in a cricket match between india and england?

Member 2

1.Why losses occur in transmission lines?
2.What will heat generated do to the conductors?
3.What is Corporate Social Responsibility?
4.Why should a company who is investing its own money and also paying taxes ,contributr in CSR?
5.Should CSR funds be used in Smart Regions?
6.Do you support ragging?
7.Ragging makes students strong and prepares them to face difficulties in future.No ragging will result in students becoming soft and unable to face stress.Then don’t you think ragging should be allowed?
8.Which vehicle create most problem in traffic?
9. why not two -wheelers?
10. Do you drive?

Member 3

1.Social and economic effects of liquor ban in Bihar
2.As per your field experience, is liquor available illegally in Bihar?
3.How to stop migration from Bihar?
4.Effect of Mgnrega on Migration in Bihar

Member 4

1.Unique thing about your name
2.Which types of songs do you listen?
3.difference between old and new songs?
4.How is social changes reflected in songs?
5.Should Humanities subject b taught in IITs ? Why?

Source: Forum IAS