INTERVIEW DATE-31 march 17


1.what is the economic, political and geographic importance of malacca strait for India and the world?
2.what is Scarborough shoal?
3.what philippines has done about it?
4.importance of south china sea?

Member 1

1.tell me about H1b visa issue and h1b processing issue?
2, tell me the opportunities for India when Britain leaves EU?
3.specific details of India -UK partnership?

Member 2

1.China Pakistan economic corridor merits and demerits for india.cpec connects what to what?(Kashgar – Gwadar i said)
2.what has India done to offset china’s presence in Gwadar port.?
3.chahbar port and why central asia is important for India?
4.what is the issue of Panama paper leak ?how many Indians involved in it and which Indian government laws were broken ?which firm was involved in it and how the issue surfaced?just tell me the specific details

Member 3

1.what are payment banks ?how they earn money ? name some banks ?
2.why we need to move towards higher frequencies like in 3g or 4g when lesser frequencies have more range ?
3.what is vertical , horizontal and elliptical polarization?
4.antenna make up ?
5.u r young .tell me some attributes of a young administrator?

Member 4

1.take pen and paper and find out cross product of one equation (they gave me question to solve engineering problem ,stress interview started …but with god grace i solved it ..)
2. solve one differentiation problem tan(x^2)?(my answer was not correct bassi sir interfered and said its not a big deal gentlemen )


1.u r a good electronics engineer why u want to enter this field?
2.if we give u indian postal service after ur last attempt ..then what u will do? will u reach people in rural areas ,as a ece graduate? will u use instagram in urban administration?

i had a smile all over ,got very less counter questions ,was happy after exit, there were no questions on hobby ,place i questions were repeated from mocks.

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