Time– 25 to 30 minutes.
Chattar Singh panel.
Qualification– Mechanical Engineering 2015 pass out
First attemptHistory Optional

Chairperson was grim faced while others were cordial and smiling.


CP-Is this your photo?

Me- Yes sir.
CP- Father’s name seems incomplete

Me- tried to explain but he cut me short.

He looked at DAF and said your DAF gives a feel that you play or sing music. But I said I only listen.

CP-Since your hobby is music, what is the difference between harmonium and piano sound?

Me- Sir I have learnt harmonium till 4th standard. Sound is produced by strings placed behind keys. But I don’t know exact difference

CP- Oh. I thought since your hobby is music, you might know.

CP-(Shows a metal object) As you are a mech engg, how to manufacture this in different ways?

Me- Told 3 methods of casting, machining, die-punching

CP-Which method will you use if you want to produce millions of such pieces?

Me- Sir I would prefer die-punching

CP-Any latest methods of manufacturing? Told about laser cutting, water jet cutting but CP was not satisfied. He probably wanted 3D printing.

CP-Most liked part of mechanical engineering? I said Thermodynamics

CP- what all do you learn in Thermodynamics?

Me- Sir we learn basic theory, laws of thermodynamics, heat transfer, refrigeration and air conditioning and boilers.

CP- Asked a question on central air conditioning system in upsc building. He asked how would I ensure all rooms are cooled equally? I said using pump to blow cold air in duct of farthest room. Cross questioning but I stuck to my stand of using pumps.

CP- Have you visited a central AC plant?

Me- Sir during college.

CP smiled for the first time and passed over to other members.

Member 1

M1-What is Hooke’s Law? What is proportional limit? I answered it.

M1- What is the elastic constant called?

Me- I said Young’s constant to which he corrected as Young’s modulus of elasticity. I said Thank You sir.

M1- Which foreign dignitary will visit India in next few days?

Me- Sorry sir I can’t recall

M1- Bangladesh?

Me- Thank you sir. It is Sheikh Hasina who is visiting.

M1- Which important issue between India and Bangladesh is pending?

Me- Sir,Teesta water dispute

M1- What is Teesta river disputes for?

Me- I answered about concerns of north Bengal and Rangpur rice bowl of Bangladesh and that’s why both are demanding more water.

M1- Exact percentage of sharing water?

Me- Sir, I don’t know exactly but it’s around 33%.

M1- No. Its 36 and 38%.

Me- Thank you sir

M1- Where does Teesta originate?

Me- Sir, in Sikkim. It then flows through Bengal and meets Ganga in Bangladesh.

Member 2

M2- Long question on demographic dividend. Will we be able to utilise it?

Me- Yes madam. If we are able to generate employment and skill development in next 10 years, we can surely utilise it.

M2- As an administrator, how would you increase employment?

Me- Madam I would focus on rural area since most youth are concentrated there. I would develop agro processing industry and also focus on skill development so that they can be absorbed in urban areas

M2- Can farmer income be doubled by 2022?

Me- Given the precarious condition in last 2 years, it seems difficult. But govt steps will surely increase it to some extent.

M2- But are govt steps like loan waivers enough?

Me- Madam, loan waivers are only one thing. Govt is focusing on irrigation, insurance…..she interrupted

M2- but are loan waivers good for economy?

Me- Madam from an economic angle, it’s bad since banks are facing NPA and it is ultimately the public exchequer who will pay. But madam loan waivers have a human angle too. Since farmers are our food producers and are committing suicide, it’s our duty to help them.

M2- (sitar listening as hobby) What are different types of Sitar

Me- Madam number of strings vary from 17-21 in various Sitars. The resonance drum may be of gourd, pumpkin, etc. All these vary the sound of notes of Sitar.

M2- Since you know so much, you must have held it in your hand.

Me- No madam. I don’t play it. But I have seen it. She smiled.

M2- which type of music you like in sitar?

Me- I like both classical and fusion music, especially fusion of Anoushka Shankar, daughter of Pandit Ravi Shankar.

M2- (Rabindra Sangeet as hobby) which languages did tagore write in?

Me- I know only of Bengali and English poems of Gitanjali for which he won Nobel.

M2- He also wrote in Braj, Maithili….

Me- Thank you madam.

Member 3

M3- Types of machines to move air ?

Me- Sir i can recall only fan used in mechanical systems.

M3- Blowers, compressors, etc

Me- Thank you sir.

M3- Asked about my favorite subject in mech engg. I said Design. He asked in a gear design, why its in involute shape. Ok, do you know what is an involute?

Me- Sorry sir I can’t recall.

M3- Which heat transfer takes place without medium?

Me- Sir it is Radiation

M3- Law governing radiation?

Me- Sir, I can’t remember the law. But it has a Stephen  boltzmann constant and uses equations of temperature raised to 4th power.

M3- (learnt German) specialties of German over English language? He got happy when I told articles like a, an, the in German are based on gender

M3- Why do you like Rabindra Sangeet?

Me- Sir, for quest of lyrics. My generation listens to Bollywood songs which focus on music than lyrics. Some have very bad level lyrics. So I was in search of songs which had deep meaning. Rabindra Sangeet satisfied that demand. Secondly sir. I was introduced to it due to a serial on EPIC channel called Stories by Rabindranath Tagore directed by Anurag Basu. One of Rabindra Sangeet was sung by Arijit Singh that attracted me to Rabindra Sangeet.

M3- Any other music famous for its deep meaning lyrics

Me- Sir I can think of Baul music of Bengal, Abhangas and Kirtanas of various Bhakti saints in Maharashtra

M3- – Importance of ASEAN and India’s progress in Act East policy

Me- answered it from strategic, trade and China perspective. But it’s a fact that India has developed cold feet in dealing with ASEAN in spite of Look East policy becoming an Act East policy. The RCEP is still not signed. Somerset we need to do more

M3- You mentioned South China Sea. Importance of South China Sea? Why India is con cerned ?

Me- answered well from various angles.

Member 4

M4- Topic of speech at MIT Chhatra Sansad ?

Me- Sir it was Political Leadership- What young India wants. It focused on trust deficit, being visionary and decisive.

M4- So name any 2 leaders in world that satisfy your demands from politicians you mentioned. And let them be recent ones

Me- Sir, Barack Obama.

M4- That obvious. Tell me second one.

Me- Sir, Theresa May.

M4- Is she visionary?

Me- Sir, from their perspective, she is visionary since she is leading Britain out of EU to have a bright future.

M4- 2 electoral reforms you would implement ?

Me- Completely banning convicted criminals and RTI for parties.

M4- Since you are public speaker, you focused on completely. But what about minor criminals?

Me- Sir, I stand corrected. Banning people who are convicted of heinous crimes.

M4- Meaning those who got punishment of 3 years?

Me- Sir, 7 years.

M4- Ok. Tell me the current system.

Me- Sir, currently sitting members have to resign if prosecuted and they are banned only for 6 years.

M4- Ok. Tell me about electoral bonds. Will they ensure good funding?

Me- Sir, they will ensure there is trail of money paid. It will conceal only the name.

M4- Again. You focused on only. Is name not important?

Me- sir. Name is important as it defines personality. But in case of political funding, people want to conceal their names.

M4- Some that means electoral bonds will not ensure transparency that you are talking about. So how are they good?

Me- Sir, they are a step in right direction as in for now. Better ways of funding like full digital funding can be employed in future.

M4- Ok. Heard of OBOR? What is the full form? Why is India concerned ? Answered well

M4- Should India join it? As it is, China is going to build it irrespective of India’s reservations. So why not join it and make use of its infra?

Me- Sir as in for now, India is adopting a wait and watch policy. Given the precarious condition of Chinese economy it is yet not sure how much China will invest in OBOR. So India is adopting  a wait and watch policy. Member seemed satisfied.


You talked of loan waivers having a human angle. There are so many dependent on agriculture who are under debt. Then should govt help them?

(I couldn’t understand compete question. But I did not ask him to repeat.)

CP- Some what are govt schemes for such people? ( I didn’t know which people he was talking of)

Me- Sir, interest subvention scheme.

CP- for whom?

Me- I am sorry sir that is for the farmers. I can’t recall of any other scheme.

CP-  Ok, Thank you. You may leave.

Source: Telegram