Board : Arvind Saxena
Interview lasted for 20-25 minutes
Hobby: numismatics , vipassana
Graduation :
Optional : Anthropology


So Mr. X you have done in 2012. What are doing since then?

  1. Tell me issues associated with start up these days?
  2. But IT people now a days starting cab and food type startup only. How they are contributing towards economy?
  3. India is facing jobless growth? Do you agree .
  4. What are the reasons of jobless growth?
  5. There is one more question in between in which i said sorry sir i have no idea about this- not able to recall it exactly .

Member 1

  1. There is theory criticising invasion of Aryan in news recently? Then he explain whole theory and asked me – are you aware of this ?
  2. What are your topmost priority among service?
  3. What if u have been allocated IPS, IFS or any other service?

Not able to recall his questions but i did answer all his questions except one.

Member 2

lady member: very cheerful person and must be psychologist as she started writing something on her pad as i entered in the room.

  1. What is Anthropology?
  2. Why you choose anthropology as optional?
  3. So Mr. X u started vipassana at such a young age. What forces you to start this?
  4. So now u are practising it regularly ?
  5. So Mr. X you are from gurgaon ? What is your opinion regarding change of name from gurgaon to gurugram?
  6. Is there any historical significance about the name gurugram?
  7. Then why it is not known as eklavya gram?

Member 3

  1. Tell me something about maritime security ?
  2. What are issues faced by India?
  3. What are the issues associated with energy security in India?
  4. What are renewable energy sources and their targets?
  5. Technological Issues assocoated with solar power and wind power ?
  6. What is landlocked countries ?
  7. Any example in neighbourhood of India?
  8. How india is helping it’s neighbourhood through her ports and sea trade?

Member 4

  1. What is numismatics?
  2. So u collect only Indian coins or other countries coins also? And what is your source of collection?
  3. Number of coins you possess?

4.. So can you trace the history of numismatics in India? And many cross question on it – like who introduced silver coins first?

  1. During indus valley civilisation what is significance of seals? ( Major blunder here – as in hurry i told them that they had trade relations with Russia instead of mesopotamia)

So very next question they asked me-

  1. What is Russian civilisation and how it was related to IVC?

As i came to know that there is no Russian civilisation at time of IVC, so i said sorry sir there is no relation.

C: Asked M4. You want to ask more questions. He said i am done and chairman sir said your  interview is over Mr X. . All the best

This much i am able to recall right now.

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