PK Joshi Board
Maths optional; morning slot

I entered the room; the CM was smiling. I wished all of them and was asked to take my seat.


1. You have an excellent academic record, why don’t you for research?
A: Thank you sir but I always wanted to join CS.
2. In a school in a village children of 9th and 10th are afraid of maths, you are asked to give a speech to encourage them as a DM. What will be that speech?
A. Explained about how I will start with Ramanujan’s story, how maths is imp I life and even in other subjects that students may like, various sites that teach about applications of maths; opportunities in maths etc.
3. How will you explain them how geometric and harmonic mean are better than arithmetic mean through applications?
A. I told him that I am not completely sure about applications of these. Then he gave me a question and actually explained the applications. I understood ?

Member 1

1. I am happy to see you are from Delhi University. I am also from DU. Tell me are you helpful?
A. I answered that I have a soft spoken attitude and like helping people. For example whenever my domestic help needs any kind of help I try to solve it asap.
2. Most embarrassing moment in life?
A. I freezed on stage during head girl election speech in 10th standard. All started laughing.
3. Major accomplishment in life
A. I said that I was able to study in good insitutions (DU, IIT-Bombay) and then I started thinking of some other but she told…ok academic accomplishments are fine.
4. 1st issue you will tackle in your city as a DM?
A. Drinking water
5. How will you ensure wellbeing of minorities?
A. Explained; no counter ques

Member 2

1. What is the nuclear policy of India?
a. Explained both from nuclear energy and nuclear weapon perspective. I said minimum credible deterrence then he said we also have no 1st use and I said yes sir.. then he asked what is MCD; I explained and he nodded.
2. One situation question
A. Answered; no counter ques.
3. You write articles; what is the latest article you wrote?
A. About Fear of failure; I said sir I realised that no matter how high we reach as an individual in our lives this fear will never leave us. Thus we should work so hard that we able to reduce this fear inside us if not remove it. Then he completed my sentence and I said yes sir.
4. Where and when do you write them?
A. Sir, whenever I feel like writing something I write it. I usually write them on my laptop only.

Member 3

1. One maths question
a. Was not able to give exact explanation and answer that he was expecting. He explained it to me and I said sorry sir I was not able to tell with a smile. He was smiling.
2. Is the universe finite or infinite as a mathematician?
A. Didn’t know exactly but said confidently that it is infinite. No counter ques.. (but I am worried now)
3. What are gravitational waves?
A. Explained
4. Are black holes finite?
A. Don’t know sir

Member 5

1. What are you doing since 2014?
A. Preparing for CS
2. Do you believe in censorship?
A. To a certain extent yes sir
3. Is media regulated?
A. Sir, Print media is a bit regulated but electronic media is not.
4. Media censorship; should it come from govt or media?
A. From the media itself
5. What about judicial control through NJAC? Do we need such measures?
A. Sir I think we need transparency in the way judges are appointed. If we are able to get it it will be good for all.
Interview over.

Source: Forum IAS