• Interview Experience
  • Board – Chattar Singh
  • Date: 27th March
  • Graduation– Civil Engineering
  • Optional Subject– Public Administration
  • Hobby– Watching movies and playing cricket


You have no spects in your photo?

Me- Sir due to glare effect while getting photographed.

Ch- No other technical reason?

Me- No sir

Ch- You should wear your spects no matter how it appears.

Me- Yes sir, from next time onwards I will keep this in mind sir.

Ch- So you are planning to come here next year also?( laughing)

Me- No sir, But wherever it will be required in future I will try to have photo with my spects sir.

Ch- You have your hobby as watching movies. What kind of movies do you watch?/

Me- Sir movies socio-economic issues and suspenseful plots.

Ch- Name three movies you like.

Me- 12 Angry Men, Blue Jasmine and 3 Idiots.

Ch- Are they in the same order of preference of liking?

Me- Yes Sir.

Ch- Why do you like 12 Angry Men.

Me- I narrated the plot and purposeful discussion by the jury members in the movie.

Ch- In jury type of justice system, members are prone to influence. So how it can be checked?

Me- Sir, we can restrict their access to influential items. ( Chairman interrupted)

Ch- Then why people would like to become jury members if restrictions are imposed?

Me- No Sir, I meant to say restricted access and not complete ban. Things like social media, print media have                  considerable influence on jury members.

Ch- You also like to play cricket? What do you do in cricket ie batsman or bowler?

Me- Sir I am a opener batsmen.

Ch- So you are a risk taker.

Me- Yes Sir.Nodded in affirmative.

Ch- Name any opener you like.

Me- Sir Sachin Tendulkar

Ch- Everybody like him. Any other?

Me- Sir Adam Gilchrist.

Ch- Have you ever met any government servant.?

Me- No Sir I have not met any high ranking official personally. ( I thought he was asking any high ranking government servant).

Ch- You must have met officers like ticket examiner in railways?

Me- Yes Sir.

Ch- Like that.?

Me- Yes Sir at tehsil to get my caste certificate.

Ch- What is the average time it takes to get a certificate.

Me- Sir, Around 10 to 15 days to get it and uploaded on website for verification.

Ch- Ideally it should take 2 -3 days. How it can be reduced?

Me- Sir we can use technology to reduce time period( Chairman interrupts and said leave the technology apart). I further added Sir the Inquiry time and processing time for allotment of certificate can be reduced. ( I fumbled a little).

Ch- You have your graduation in Civil Engineering. how the structures can be made effective?

Me- Sir we can use nanotechnology to increase its strength, use of prestressed concrete.

Ch- What about light weightmaterials.?

Me- Yes sir

Ch- Name some civil engineering structures.

Me- Sir, BurjKhalifa, Naini Bridge.

Ch- Have you seen BurjKhalifa?

Me- I have seen It in newspaper and magazine sir.

Ch- Tell something about Naini Bridge from civil engineer’s perspective.

Me- Sir it is a cable- stayed bridge, It’s deck is supported on rollers and it is a 8 lane bridge.

Ch- Anything else.

Me- Not that I am able thing of Sir.( I forgot to mention base isolation method of pier design to check vibration impact)

Ch- When it was built?

Me- Sorry sir I am unable to recall it.

Ch- What is the use of rollers in bridges?

Me- Sir it is used to check expansion and contraction effects in bridges due to temperature changes.


Finally chairman passed the baton to the lady member(M1)

Member 1

You like to watch movies. Tell me changes you have seen in film industry from women perspective?

Me- Mam, Now a days we are making women centric movies but at the same time the discrimination and mistreatment of women have risen.

M1- Can you elaborate discrimination issue.?

Me- Mam one needs to be highly approachful to get good movies in the beginning and there is presence of nepotism in the industry.

M1- Was It not earlier also?

Me- Mam it was there earlier also but it has increased.

M1- Why people still like to listen old songs compared to the new songs?

Me-Mam old sons are clear, melodious and pleasant while new songs are fast and there is a high presence of music.

M1- Tell me four songs of past decade.

Me- I recited 80’s song. M1 interrupts and said of last decade.

Me- I was blank and wasn’t able to think of any good song. Finally M1 said it’s ok leave it.


Member 2

M2- You have opted Public Administration as your optional subject. Can you tell what is integrity in public service.?

Me- Mam integrity means unwavering moral conduct and absence of conflict of interest. It helps in handling dilemmas.

M2- Can you tell me about what are reasons of farmer suicides and distress?

Me- Mam, poor realization of price for their produce, exploitation by moneylenders, faulty investment methods like chit fund,ponzi schemes, sudden loss of crops, family disputes, marriage and death in families, etc.

M2- Does cultivation of water intensive crops have any relation with farmer distress?

Me- yes mam

M2- So, this problem is specific to any region?

Me- mam the problem is present at all India level but it is much more acute in certain regions like Marathwada.

M2- why the problem still persists?

Me- Mam there is a fault from farmer side as well as government has not been able to deliver the benefits to the farmer as per their need and expectations.

Member 3

M3- You live in Bhadohi(district). Why it is famous?

Me- Sir it is famous for hand tufted and hand knotted carpets.

M3- Impact of child labour law on carpets industry.

Me- Sir the Child Labour Prohibition Act has reduced the cost competitiveness of carpets due to increase in production costs.

M3- Why we have not been able to transport containers beyond Bangladesh?

Me- I began with Pakistan having problem of security issues.( M3 interrupts I mean Beyond Bangladesh).  I take the name of Myanmar (M3 again interrupts that he mean North eastern States). I mentioned that Sir undulated terrain.

M3- Yes but don’t you think absence of good quality road is the main issue.

Me- Yes sir.

M3- If you have to construct a road what type you would like to built it.

Me- Sir it should be of good quality ( M3 supported me by saying that road having high axle load bearing capacity).

M3- If you have to construct a road what are the major factors which you have to take into account?

Me- Sir, identification of location where the  road is to be built, acquisition of land whether it is agricultural or waste land, proper rehabilitation and compensation mechanism, availability of cheaper and local materials. ( I failed to focus more on civil engineering aspects).

Member 4

M4- You were mess secretary in your college hostel. Tell me whether it is a position of power or not?

Me- Yes sir it has some authority of power. I stopped(M4 said that’s it). I said no sir and I explained the responsibilities of Mess Secretary.

M4- So Mess Secretary is a position of power or responsibility.

Me- Sir I want to correct myself it is a position of authority with responsibility.

M4- What are the changes you brought?

Me- Sir, the Mess bill was reduced by about 5-10 %, I conducted a whole hostel level survey and took feedback by going to every rooms about the quality of food and changes needed.

M4- On the issue of bill reduction, then quality of food must have been reduced.

Me- No sir, quality was not reduced but it was not improved it as much as it was expected.

M4- What is the difference between power and responsibility?

Me- Sir power is a neutral term and can be exercised arbitrarily whereas responsibility has common public interest in mindset.

M4- Suppose you are a police officer and you have captured a hardcore criminal which have killed many people. You alone know about it. Nobody was coming to be a witness against him. What would you do in this situation.

Me– Sir as a police office it is my duty to present him before the court and present my case.

M4- Nobody is coming to give witness against him and he goes free.

Me- Sir I will present him before the court and make my case stronger. It is the courts prerogative to decide upon the further course of action ie whether to punish him or free him.

M4- But if he again goes free?

Me- Sir I would arrest him again and make my case more stronger.

M4- Do you know how much time it took to get rid of Veerappan.

Me- I can only guess Sir.

M4- Go on

Me- Nearly 20 years.

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Source: Forum IAS