Board: Shri Vinay Mittal
Already in service(IRS-IT)
Hobbies : Blogging, Teaching and Graphology.
Optional : Geography
Qualification: B.Tech (ECE), PGDESM
Duration: 30 Mins
Last one to go(Forenoon session)


1. You are in IRS. kitni training hui hain. Ok we can understand u want to be an IAS but why IPS?
2. Not convinced I said it is the only reason
3. Any incident wherein u encountered police at any level? (interaction with constable no RC, he left me)
4. Was it correct on his part? What would police in western countries have done?
5. What is tax reforms? What dept is doing? what sh be done.? Long answering
6. Is our tax base sufficient? Steps to expand it.
7 which one is better direct/indirect tax? Reasons for both
8. Why PAN linked with aadhar? Any impact on tax base?
9. Should PAN be made universal?
Arguments truckload of.

Member 1

1. Police se sab darte hain. What can be done?
2. How to reduce corruption in police?
Counter arguments
3. Should agri income be taxed?
4. What changes do u propose in recruitment of police officials(below IPS)?

Member 2

1. How to ensure that given info in ITR is correct?
Said something asked me to say more. Sorry sir
2. Why pgdesd?
3. What is sustainable development?
4. 5 pillars of it.

Member 3

1. Longest river and source of it. Through which countries it flows
2. Nile river source
3. Niagra falls source
4. Lagoons and significance. Why special?
5. NDMA? What? How? Does it caters to Indian needs only?
6. Are u biased against electronic media?

Member 4

1. Demonetization. Kuch effect hoga tax base and tax collection pe
2. What is pgdesd. Kya hota hain isme
3. SDGs. Difference between them and mdg.

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