Interview Date: (12:01pm thru 12:35pm) on 8-May-2017
Board: Arvind Saxena 
Background: Currently in Indian Revenue Service (through CSM 2015 exam)
Before that, total 14 yrs = ~12 yrs in private sector – IT Consultant + 2 yrs in Indian Trade Service(thru CSM 2013) 4th Attempt;
Optional: Public Administration
Edu. Qual: Btech (Computer Sc) + MBA (Marketing + IT)
Hobbies: Quizzing
Home State: Jharkhand


You have worked in one of the big firms abroad and then ITS and then IRS, what exactly you want to achieve in your life? Will you stop at IAS?
CM – Why so late?
CM – You took so much pay cut? How are you surviving? *laugh*
CM – Will you be satisfied with any cadre in IAS?
CM – So how do you relate protectionism and Make in India?
CM – Why is GoI getting involved in H1B issue?
CM – Why is Make for India better and sustainable than Make in India?
CM – Why should India follow China and not chart out its own growth story?
CM – How are we protecting our agri sector?
CM – How does foreign competition help us?

Member 1

M1 – Ok What differences do you make out in the way RK Mission school teaching methodologies and that of other schools? *I’m NOT related to RK Mission in any way*
I said I dont know.
M1 – When did Kargil war take place? Why did it take place? How is the war then different from now? As a administrator how will you douse the issue now?
*didnt look satisfied*
M1 – Suppose you visit a village and the people there offer you rice/dal/subji but you are full and instead you ask for tea + 2 biscuits. They are unable to offer you that. Why?
I said,” I dont know sir”. To which He replied I will tell you and then said “thats because they do not have money to buy biscuits.”
M1 – So what will you do to give them money
M1 – Why farmers dont get enough income?
M1 – How will you reduce the nexus of intermediaries?

Member 2

M2 – So how will you apply your IT knowledge in GSTN?
M2 – What is vendor management?
M2 – How will your IT knowledge help you in negotiating with external vendors?
M2 – MSP with whom? I said Infosys
M2 – Will you be happy joining HQ/Staff function rather than field?
M2 – Why is your CBEC staff unhappy? Has govt done something?
M2 – Will you be happy joining anywhere in India as an IAS?
M2 – Why should we select you?

Member 3

M3 – Name few copper mines in Jharkhand?
M3 – What is the economy of a copper mine?
M3 – Why prices increasing?
M3 – What is the economy of iron ore mine? *dunno what he was upto*
M3 – Comment on resource curse of Jharkhand
M3 – Do you support so many IITs setup by GoI?
M3 – Are you aware about the controversy regarding some mine in Jadugoda? How much of it is media propaganda?
M3 – What steps should radioactive mines take?
M3 – Do you support ISM being converted into an IIT? *I am NOT from ISM Dhanbad*

Member 4

M4 – How will you solve Naxal Problem?
M4 – Why outside people influencing and leading Naxal groups?
M4 – Why so many names – UK, Britain, England etc ? *stayed and worked for 10 yrs in London*
M4 – What is King’s Cross station in London famous for?
M4 – How will you grow India’s exports?

Chairman – Ok thanks your interview is over now.

Source: Forum IAS