Date of Interview: 26/04/22 Morning Session
Board: TCA Anant Sir
Background: ECE
Home State: Rajasthan
Hobbies: Gardening, Badminton, Current Nomics YouTube channel
Profession: Teaching


  1. What was ur role as a teacher in Unacademy n Chanakya IAS Academy
  2. What u did in Covid Task Force
  3. How Current Nomics youtube channel works: software etc
  4. How u access students connected through YouTube

Member 1 

  1. Famous personality from tonk Rajasthan who died recently
  2. Connection of tonk from Mahabharata era
  3. Difference in Global, multinational, international
  4. About UN Peacekeeping n if any role in Ukraine crisis
  5. What is OPEC
  6. UNO vs WHO significance

Member 2 

  1. Shortcomings of Ka band in communication
  2. About Quantum technology how it works
  3. About Syria crisis some recent issues
  4. Role of houthi rebels in Yemen n issues related to Saudi Arabia

Member 3 

  1. How to authenticate YouTube channel which spread misinformation
  2. Fundamental duties should be enforceable or not
  3. Patriotism should be enforced legally or not
  4. Domestic violence cases increasing or decreasing in India
  5. How black money comes into system ( stages)

Member 4 

  1. What is systematic fertilizers
  2. Random question on famous mathematician book
  3. Question on reverse engineering
  4. Do we use reverse engineering in Aircraft making
  5. What is g in 5g how g name given
  6. 6g roll out in world
  7. China’s development in 5g

Chairman:  Ur interview is over


Missing some questions

Source: Forum IAS