Interview Date: 26-02-2020
Optional: PSIR
Interests: world war 2 museums visit and movies related to it
Home State: Telangana


  1. It seems like you stayed about 5.5 years with cognizant. It is too long for a person to stay and
  2. seems you are happy .. then why change
  3. What is your vision for 2047 as india is going to celebrate 100 years of independence ( I brought
  4. in international great power in answer)
  5. so ,asked to reach great power for india, pak and China are dragging us . So which one is your priority ?
  6. With respect to india policy towards China , one are where you want change ?

Member 1

  1. Do you think UN is working as envisaged ?
  2. What do you think of Jamal khasoggi episode ?
  3. what do you think of common man perspective of telangana formation and it really benefitted
  4. If you become secretary and got room , would you place gandhis portrait ( I said without any doubt)
  5. Then he asked why and it seems Gandhi is not relevant today ( I countered that he is more
  6. relevant today then that time and it is we how don’t much about Gandhi rather than question of his relevance )
  7. Then what should be done to make Gandhism more popular ?

Member 2

  1. Let’s assume you are head of department and 10 people under you . 1000s of people surrounded and about to kill
  2. 3 options

a. Take one as hostage and use him to make a passage
b. Do nothing and pray to god by remaining inside
c. Fire at people . What will you choose ?

  1. There is bullying happening to you . How will you respond ??
  2. If there is prejudiced boss on you .


  1. do nothing and carry on with work
  2. Don’t do work as anyway not being recognised
  3. Make it public issue .
  4. Have your ever been angry before ?? What did you do

Member 3

  1. Now if you are angry because your subordinates are not working . How will you respond ?
  2. If you are in ifs ,and all people around you are speaking Chinese and keeping you aside , how will you respond ?

Member 4

  1. Now let’s see if you become ias , what are your priorities for Warangal ?
  2. Why this different interest of wars .What you learned from ww2 museums visit ?
  4. Told me to visit battle of Imphal, Kohima and said I will love it
  5. How ww-2 affected Indian society ?
  6. That is it, it’s been pleasure taking to you . Have a pleasant evening
  7. They took about 35-40 mins in total

Source: Forum IAS